Nature's Explanation As To Why Premature Ejaculation Occurs

"Nature's Mysterious Role In Why Premature Ejaculation Occurs, Why It's Not Your Fault You Can't Last Longer In Bed & How You Can Reverse The Laws Of Nature and Last A lot Longer In Bed "

My Dear Brother,

   Forget everything and listen closely. You needn't loose any more of your precious sleep over why premature ejaculation occurs. Reason being, it was decided way before you were even born (even before your ancestors were born) that you (and all other men ) should ejaculate quickly whenever having sex.

   You can call it a "Default Factory Setting" in men.

   You see, the answer lies in a specific set of muscles called the pelvic muscles (or the "love muscles" as some would call them).
   This clique of muscles control how soon you ejaculate during sexual intercourse. And how they were initially programmed , is the main reason why premature ejaculation occurs.

   Please stay with me as I explain...

   After painstaking research, it was discovered that since the beginning of time, these set of love muscles were genetically hardwired to ejaculate quickly during sex. Yes. They were designed with a " hair trigger mechanism " that shoots of at the slightest stimulation.

   But the big question in your mind (and thousands of men across the globe) is, WHY Are These Muscles Programmed To Ejaculate QUICKLY? The answer itself is as surprising as it is revealing...

SEX Was Meant For Procreation, Not Recreation

   Surprised? Yeah. I was stunned too. It means you only had sex when you wanted to have kids, and not for pleasure. That sounds mean, right? But back then the situation was a little bit different. Let me show you how.

   At the start of life on earth, man and other species were very few. There was a a dire need to populate and fill the earth, and populate it FAST.

   So in order to increase our chances of reproduction and survival, nature purposely designed men (and other animals & birds in general) to ejaculate speedily, so as to spread their genes as fast as possible.

   Just look at the animals and birds in the wild. How long do they last during Sex? Usually it’s just a matter of seconds, right?

   Like that cock in your village, it can chase the hen half way across the village only to last 3 seconds into penetration. Why all that effort only to last 3 seconds? You wonder.

   It’s because its sole intention is to fertilize the hen, have it lays eggs and get chicks. Nothing else. So the faster and easier that happens, the better.

   That’s the same case with ALL men. We were genetically hard-wired to ejaculate quickly, so as to disperse our genes faster and increase the chances of impregnating our women, which improves the odds of survival of our human race.

   It's a harsh reality, but it wasn’t in natures plan for men to last longer than it takes them to ejaculate. Neither was there any need to have any sexual skills or even enjoy sex for that matter.
   Just go about your business of spreading your genes the fastest and easiest way possible. Period.

   What I'm trying to say in so many words is that the ability to last for hours during sex goes against mother nature!

   And that's why premature ejaculation occurs... And why almost every man will experience the OCCASIONAL failure to last as long as he would like during intercourse. AND this is TOTALLY NORMAL.

  So don't be too hard on yourself if you come too fast during sex, lack sexual stamina or are incapable of really satisfying your girl in bed every time you have sex. It's Not Your FAULT. There are so many other men in the same exact predicament as you.

But Now Things Have Changed,
You Have To Change

   Am sure you'd be the first to agree with me that in this modern day and age.... sex, love and intimacy are complexly linked together.
   We no longer have sex for the sole purposes of reproduction. We do it mostly to derive pleasure and satisfaction of our sexual and emotional needs. (Sorry to say this but in most cases kids come as a byproduct). So when you're not able to last long enough to satisfy your women, very often your relationship takes a tumble.

   This means you have to adapt and find ways of lasting as long as is necessary to fully satisfy your woman.
   And the great news is that there is PLENTY you can do to beat premature ejaculation and give her a sensational time in bed!. This is because most Cases Of Premature Ejaculation Are Easy To Reverse. Why?

   Because most of these underlying root causes of why premature ejaculation occurs are psychological, physiological or physical in nature, and this means that the problem with early ejaculation can be completely reversed and treated with the right methods, even without medical intervention.

   If performance anxiety or inability to control your sexual arousal when the passion heats up in the bedroom is the main reason why premature ejaculation occurs in your case, then there are certain techniques you can learn that dispels any performance anxiety and gives you a mind of steel. This allows you to relax and be in control of your ejaculation for as long as you want.

   What happens when weak pelvic muscles is the reason why premature ejaculation occurs for you? Its simple. Just like every other muscle in your body, you can exercise and strengthen these muscles through specialized exercises that help BUILD UP this set of muscles and considerably revamp your ability to relax them and avoid an early ejaculation... and achieve longevity in bed.

The Key Take Away

   Don't let premature ejaculation take the sizzle out of your sex life just because you were born with it. You've seen that the laws of nature can be bent to your advantage. And all you have to do is learn these specific techniques to improve your sexual stamina and reap the rewards longer-lasting sex and greater intimacy with your partner brings.

P.S. No one is born with a natural, innate ability to last very long in bed. But the good news is that your sexual stamina CAN & WILL be improved. Soon, you'll develop a certain level of control over the triggers that cause your early climax. And you'll do it by learning these natural techniques that rewire your "hair trigger" ejaculatory system into an "Ejaculate On Command" system. I'm sure your chick will be the first to notice the NEW & IMPROVED YOU, as you last way past your usual "quickie" time, on your way to hammering her into submission.

"There's Much To Be Said For Challenging Fate,
Instead Of Ducking Behind It"

~ Diana Trilling ~

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