Find Out What Is Premature Ejaculation & Everything You Wanted To Know About It...
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Surprising Facts About What Is Early Ejaculation
And Why There's More Than What Meets The Eye.


  ... In the next 2 minutes you’re going to learn what is premature ejaculation, what causes it in your case, whether you have its symptoms, if you’re really suffering from it, how you may be more vulnerable to get it than others, how it affects your life, and whether you can cure it.

   If you are like everyone else reading this page, I bet these questions have been at the back of your mind for a while now. It's time you knew real truth about what is early ejaculation, and what better way to start than by you grasping it’s definition....

Definition Of Premature Ejaculation
What Is Premature Ejaculation?

   Based on information out there, there are a lot of varying explanations as to " What Is Premature ejaculation", also known rapid ejaculation, rapid climax, premature climax, early climax, retarded ejaculation or early ejaculation.

   But most experts agree that true definition of what is premature ejaculation is when you REGULARLY climax BEFORE your partner is sexually satisfied. For your woman, this usually means before she reaches orgasm.

   Click here for more on the meaning of premature ejaculation and how it has evolved over the years.

   So let's jump right into this burning question...

What Causes Premature Ejaculation

   Experts have established that premature ejaculation can be caused by a variety of factors. Some are biological, others medical, but mostly psychological factors play a big role.

   These physiological factors include anxiety or nervousness of your performance in bed, an inherent expectation of failure in your life, stress in your life, harmful sexual experiences in your past, or problems within your current relationship.

   Another major biological cause of premature ejaculation is weak pelvic muscles. These love muscles control when you ejaculate. So it goes without saying that if for any reason they are weak, you’ll lose control over your ejaculation. They need to be stronger for you to last longer.

   Though rarely, premature ejaculation can also be due to an underlying medical condition.

   As you read on, you’ll realize that in order for you to completely stop premature ejaculation, you have to first know what causes it your case. The real reason behind your lack of sexual stamina. But the question is....

Are You Really Suffering
From Premature Ejaculation?

   Do you have these symptoms of premature ejaculation? Or just because you ejaculate within 2 minutes of penetration , does that mean you are a premature ejaculator? Or.. If you last 10 Minutes or more, does that mean you are free of early climaxing?

   For you to ever have a fulfilling sex life, you need to get these facts straight. Why?

   Research on what is premature ejaculation has revealed that men generally overestimate their sexual abilities. And by that I mean what you consider as an outstanding sexual performance may sometimes come out as not satisfactory to women. You are doing it all wrong and not even know it.

   That’s why you need to have a benchmark or scale to gauge yourself and know whether or not you are really getting the job done in the bedroom.


What Length Of Time Is Considered Premature Ejaculation

   So how “premature” is premature? How soon is too soon? What is premature ejaculation time in minutes?

   Understandably, these are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to premature ejaculation.

   Every man wants to know what time or period of sex is considered as premature ejaculation time.

   Well, I won't keep you waiting, here's what different experts had to say…


Which Type Of Premature Ejaculation
Do You Have?

In a moment, you’ll find out that you can either have Primary or Secondary premature ejaculation. As explained below…

   Primary Premature Ejaculation also known as lifelong premature ejaculation, is when you have suffered from early ejaculation ever since you reached sexual maturity and became sexually active. Just after puberty, when you started growing chest hair, remember?

   While Secondary Premature Ejaculation also known as ACQUIRED Premature Ejaculation, happens when you had previously been in fair control of your ejaculation, but for some reasons, began experiencing premature ejaculation later on in life. You're probably in the " I used to last longer in bed and now I don't " group.

   We’ll get into more details of what causes each of them in just a bit. But regardless of what type of premature ejaculation you are suffering from, one thing you need to know is that...   

It’s Not Your Fault That You Ejaculate Quickly

Surprised? Yeah. That’s very true. And here’s an evolutionary fact to prove it.

   Nature purposely designed men to come speedily from the word go, so as to literally spread our seeds in the quickest possible manner.
   It’s our natural way of increasing our chances of survival and ensuring that our genes are passed to the next generation. And that’s why no man is born with the natural ability to last longer than is needed to disperse our genes. Are you beginning to see why it’s not your fault?

   And that’s why almost every man will experience the OCCASIONAL inability to last as long as he wishes during intercourse e.g. when you are having sex for the first time, when you haven’t had intercourse in a long while or maybe due to some other reason, AND this is COMPLETELY NORMAL. It only becomes a problem if IT OCCURS ALL THE TIME.

   Now do you see why you needn’t lose any more sleep asking God “Why Me”? Good.

   But why all the fuss about premature ejaculation….

Does It Matter If You Cum Too Fast?

   Now listen closely…Make no mistake about it, Premature Ejaculation Is a MAJOR Concern. It adversely affects you, your partner, your relationship and life as a whole.

   I’m sure from your own experience you’ll agree with me that the embarrassment of constantly failing to satisfy your woman can be undeniably be one of the most humiliating and distressing incidents in your sex life. It leads to lose of self-confidence, lack of self-worth... and ultimately makes you feel inadequate and less of a man.

   Now just imagine how your woman feels! For her it's even worse. Repeated dissatisfaction in bed leaves her frustrated and unhappy with your relationship.
   Your situation becomes even worse if she previously had a sexually satisfying relationship. So she knows what she's missing, and since you aren’t giving it to her, she might just seek it elsewhere. Yes. It's that bad.

   But as you’ll soon realize, things don't have to get that far. You can still save face and your relationship. I mean, don’t let premature ejaculation trouble you for the rest of your life because…

Premature Ejaculation Is Not PERMANENT

   Contrary to what you may believe about what is premature ejaculation, it's not a LIFELONG or PERMANENT problem... Unless you let it become one.

   Neither is it a form of illness, disease or sexual ailment. The sooner you understand what is premature ejaculation, and recognize that you need help, the faster you will resolve this problem and enjoy the kind of lasting satisfying sex that you always fantasize of.

   You might be thinking that rapid ejaculation is your problem and yours alone, but you'll be surprised to know that...

You Are Not Alone

   Surprised!! That’s a fact too. Numbers don’t lie, but men do.

   I know you might feel all alone in this, but the truth of the matter is premature ejaculation is a very common sexual dysfunction amongst men with over 40% of them having difficulties in lasting as long as they want, just like you. Actually the statistics would be higher if men were more honest about their sex lives. Most men would rather not openly talk about their sex life for fear of being ridiculed and embarrassed.

   But you know what’s even more alarming?

   Despite premature ejaculation being that common and having existing remedy options, it still largely remains Unnoticed and lowly-treated in most cases. Why?
   This is due to lack of understanding of the condition and its treatment options, and the reluctance of premature ejaculation sufferers seeking treatment.
   That's why you find most men don’t even know what is premature ejaculation or whether they are suffering from it, let alone when to seek help or see a doctor for premature ejaculation.

   In fact, as you’ll soon realize, a lot of men carry on with their lives unaware that they are at higher risks of developing premature ejaculation than others. Can you believe that?

   But lucky for you, you're not one of them. If you're like most men reading this, you're already halfway through to attaining sexual freedom because...

Premature Ejaculation Can Be Easily TAMED.

   Yes. Early ejaculation isn't the monster you think it is. Just like the proverbial David slayed Goliath with a sling, you can treat it using this quick and easy way to last longer in bed by reconditioning your mind and body.

   Many men who couldn't last a minute in bed have used these same techniques to last as long as they want, and SO CAN YOU.

   But before we jump the gun. I believe, and I know you do to, that to effectively deal with anything in life, you have to know as much about it as possible. And early ejaculation is no different.

   So to keep my promise to you, and fully understand what is Premature Ejaculation, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of What causes premature ejaculation?

P.S. The bottom bottom line is this…You don't have to continue suffering from the humiliating effects of premature ejaculation. Why should you? It's not even a disease, and neither is it a permanent condition. This means that premature ejaculation can be totally and permanently eradicated. But the first step is to acknowledge that you have this problem, and then seek steps to last longer in bed and finally enjoy the kind of amazing, longer-lasting sex you know you and your woman deserve!

" Nothing In Life Is To Be Feared, It's Only To Be Understood.
Now Is The Time To Understand More, So That You May Fear Less "

~ Marie Curie ~

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