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Hi There,

   Without a doubt, what causes premature ejaculation is a major concern for everyone who visits this website, and millions of other men across the globe who have difficulty in lasting longer in bed.

   And since you're reading this too, it's obvious that you also want to know why you can’t last long enough to fully satisfy your woman in bed. You want to understand what is the cause of so much pain and embarrassment in your sex life?

   Well, the truth of the matter is, what Causes premature ejaculation is not exactly known. Really? why?

   Scientists confess that's its mainly because of lack of understanding of this sexual problem. They don't really understand the entire process of premature ejaculation that well.

   For this reason, they cannot come up with a definite way of establishing what's causing it with you against what's causing it with another person. Stay with me, you'll understand more as you read along...

   But what most experts agree on is that what causes of premature ejaculation is complicated and involves a complex interaction of psychological, biological and EVEN medical factors...AND all these affect EVERY other guy DIFFERENTLY.

   What does all this mean?

   It means that what causes premature ejaculation varies from person to person. What causes premature ejaculation in your case does not necessarily HOLD TRUE FOR EVERYONE ELSE. For you, what causes premature ejaculation might be psychological issues while for others it might be due to biological or medical concerns. Got it? Good.

   Then I'm sure you'll agree with me that for you to make your cure EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT, you have to first find out the ROOT cause of your premature ejaculation.

   But do you know what usually happens? I'll tell you anyway...

  Most men who suffer from premature ejaculation confess that the mounting pressure for you to perform in bed, forces you to naturally pursue quick fixes for your early ejaculation. Right?
   So what do you do?

   You jump into the next best cure that comes along your way, hoping it will solve your problem without even knowing what causes premature ejaculation in your case in the first place.

   You can actually see what's going to happen next....

   You end up trying a lot of different cures on a trial and error basis, hoping to find the one that cures your ejaculation problem. In the process you end up wasting precious time and money while your misery in the bedroom continues or even gets worse, magnifying your frustrations even further.

   Now do you see why it is very crucial to establish the REAL reason behind YOUR condition? I bet you do now. Because it's only after you've known what causes premature ejaculation on your part, that you can seek suitable methods to address this Root Cause to quickly and permanently END your ejaculation problems, and attain the desired ability to enjoy long-lasting sensational sex.

   So let's carefully examine the following root causes of early ejaculation and find out.....

Which of These Common Causes For Premature Ejaculation Affects You? Is It ..

   1.   Sexual Performance Anxiety:- Undoubtedly, this is probably the most common cause of premature ejaculation known to man.

   Remember the last time you were anxious, didn't you feel tense and nervous?. Well, it's these same feelings and emotions that interrupt the natural flow of sexual sensations between you and partner during sex.
   What is really going on is that these feelings interfere with your subconscious mind in such a way that you are unable to recognize the moment that you are JUST ABOUT to climax, making you shoot too soon.

   What causes anxiety in this case include GUILT (believing that sex is a sin, adultery e.t.c.), FEAR (of getting caught, getting pregnant e.t.c.) and ANXIETY about your Sexual PERFORMANCE in bed.

   2.   Erectile Dysfunction:- Studies have proven that if you regularly struggle to obtain or maintain your erection during sexual encounters, then it’s highly likely that the fear of losing your erection will cause anxiety and nervousness, leading to premature ejaculation.

   What actually happens is that this panic of losing your hardness pressures you to consciously or unconsciously rush through sexual intercourse, and that is what causes premature ejaculation to occur.

   3.  Genetic Factor:- It's a fact that no one is born with a natural ability to last very long in bed. Why?

   The truth of the matter is that all men have been genetically hardwired to ejaculate quickly during sex for breeding purposes (spread seeds in the quickest possible manner), AND not for recreation. It’s our natural way of survival and procreation.

   The good news is that you can reprogram yourself to last much longer in bed by learning how to control your sexual stimulation. And it only requires you to spare as little as 5 minutes a day for about 2 to 4 weeks.
   You'll agree with me that 5 minutes of your time is a very small price to pay for your sexual freedom, don't you think?

   4.  Your Mindset:- Face it. Your mind controls virtually every aspect of your body, and that includes your sexual emotions.
   Your Mind, and Not your body, controls what happens when you are about to have sex. Yap, It's All In The Mind. So it's quite obvious that if your mind faces to much too much mental stimulation during sex, you'll lose control and ejaculate early.

   And since I know you want to change your situation, you'll find simple techniques in this website that help you to train your mind to keep yourself from not getting too aroused... too fast.

   4.  Oversensitivity:- The truth is, overly sensitive people tend to get excessively stimulated very fast during sex.

   The reality is a sensitive penis feels more sensation and has a much faster build up of orgasms that eventually leads to premature ejaculation.
   Also, a nervous system that goes over the top the instant you are sexually stimulated is almost guaranteed to cause premature ejaculation.

   A little known fact is that if you get aroused too easily too fast, it may be as result of your youth. If this is the case then your condition will improve with age since most men improve their staying power in bed as they grow older.
   But do not worry, you'll soon learn how to keep your mind and body from getting aroused too easily...too fast, and keep your premature ejaculation in check.

   6.  Wrong Masturbation Habits:- Does masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

   Well, YES and NO. The RIGHT masturbation techniques can help you last longer in bed, but the wrong methods of self-gratification can be what causes premature ejaculation on your part. How, you ask?

   The wrong ones, especially if you picked them up from your teenage years... when you used to masturbate with the intention of COMING QUICKLY... unfortunately reprogram your ejaculatory system to ejaculate quickly.

   Overtime, your body becomes accustomed to quick orgasms when you masturbate...AND this will definitely show in bed when the real thing happens.

   7.  Relationship Problems:- If you are having problems in your relationship, then it’s highly likely that you will experience premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

   This is because you are constantly worrying about the state of your relationship, which hampers your sexual concentration and performance, making you loose control over your ejaculation.

   8.  Lack Of Sexual Experience:- You might know this but I'm going to tell you anyway. If you lack the sexual and emotional experience, that is essential to understand male and female responses during sexual intercourse, then it's highly likely that you'll ejaculate early whenever you have sex.

   Simply put. Since you're not yet accustomed to the INCREDIBLE feeling of being JUST ABOUT to climax inside a woman before, you tend to easily get overly excited, loose control and come quickly in the process.

   Research has shown that this is mostly common in younger men and other sexually inexperienced males who are either having sex for the first time or don't have sex often.

   9.  Stress & Emotional Strain:- It's a known fact the when you are emotionally stressed out, you lose the ability to relax and focus during sexual intercourse.

   As a result, you subsequently loose control of your ejaculatory system and without even knowing, you have already prematurely ejaculated.

   Just think of it as nature's way of releasing tension that has been built up.
   But never worry. You can try out these free breathing techniques that'll help relax BOTH your mind and body, and keep the urge to ejaculate at bay.

   10.  Lifestyle Issues:- Don't underestimate this fact, but leading an unhealthy lifestyle, particularly an unhealthy diet, is what causes premature ejaculation in this case.

   Like the saying goes, you are what you eat. So if you basically live on junk food and do little or no exercises then you are in great danger of developing premature ejaculation.
   Why? Let me explain further

   You see, the excess saturated fats in your diet can obstruct circulation of nutrients in our body and result in low stores of energy. This is has been proven to cause premature ejaculation - sooner or later!

   11.  Medical Reasons :- Very rarely, prostrate problems, infections such as urethritis and hormonal problems are believed to be what causes Premature Ejaculation in this case.

   Nevertheless, it's prudent to have your body checked by a doctor and get this sorted out early.

   If you are like me, you'd want to confirm that all is well with you, and that your ejaculation problems do not arise from any medical issue.
   Luckily for you, these cases are marginal, and are curable with medical aid.

   12.  Negative Sexual Experiences:- Past traumatizing experiences, like sexual assault, rape, incest, sodomy or other incidents, may be what causes premature ejaculation to occur.

   What happens is that since you always associate these negative experiences with sex, you tend to develop a deep anxiety towards it, making you nervous, and eventually losing control over your ejaculation in the process.

   13.   Weak Pelvic Muscles :- Do your erections last only for a short while? Does your ejaculation dribble out instead of shooting out with force? Do you need a lot of time after an ejaculation to get an erection again?

   If so, then its most likely that ill-toned or weakened pelvic muscles is what causes premature ejaculation in your case.

   Since the pelvic muscles control how soon you ejaculate, if they are weak for any reason, they cannot hold off the build up to ejaculation. They therefore end up giving in and releasing semen quickly and easily.

   The good news is that weak pelvic muscles are also the easiest to solve among all the factors causing premature ejaculation

   How is that?

   By practicing certain simple exercises from home, you can significantly toughen your pelvic muscles and boost your sexual stamina.

   14.   In-built Expectation of Failure :- Fear of failure in life can be what causes premature ejaculation to happen in some people.

   You tend to put so much importance to failure that you fear undertaking anything worth doing. And if you do, you already know the end result even before you begin.

   Everyone will agree with me that this is a very negative mindset when approaching anything in life. And it's even worse when it comes to sex. It's like you already know you are going to finish too soon even before you start.

   And like the saying goes "You're what you think", so when the real thing happens in bed, you're definitely going to ejaculate quickly.


   Found out the CULPRIT that's responsible for your below-than-average performance in bed?..Good.. Then you are halfway through to becoming a better lover.

   If you keenly look at the above premature ejaculation causes, its clearly evident that they INFLUENCE your MIND and THOUGHTS on SEX, And how your BODY RESPONDS to sexual stimulation.

   So what can u do to last longer in bed?

To turn your sex life around, you'll learn strategies and techniques to COMPLETELY re-train, re-wire and reprogram your subconscious mind... and recondition your body to enhance your natural ability to control your ejaculation with ANY ANY situation...without EVEN THINKING ABOUT it.

And isn't that why you're here?

P.S. Key Reminder:- For you to effectively and permanently stop premature ejaculation, you have to first identify the root cause of your early ejaculation. Fortunately, premature ejaculation can be permanently cured in almost all cases (95%). It does take some effort on your part. But by using mental and physical conditioning techniques, you can get rid of the curse of finishing too soon in bed, for good!

" You See, In Life, Lots Of People Know What To Do, But Few People Actually Do What They Know. Knowing Is Not Enough! You Must Take Action. "
~ Anthony Robbins ~

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