How To STOP Premature Ejaculation DEAD On Its Tracks, AND Start lasting Longer In Bed

"Thorough But Sincere Reviews of Ways To Stop Premature Ejaculation & Why "The Chosen One" Is The Best Way To Naturally Last Longer."

Good To See You Friend,

   Since you are here, I'm going to assume that how to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed is high up on your priority list, if not number one.

   For sure it would be number one on my to-do-list, and for good reason. The reality is, when it comes to making love, there are a lot of things that can go wrong (and believe me there are)...But nothing can be more humiliating than CONSTANTLY failing to live up to your woman's expectations by repeatedly coming early. Can you think of anything that's worse than that? Me neither.

   And just so you know, she might forgive you for all other blunders you make in the bedroom, but this one? Mmm mmm, she wont budge an inch. Its like you're robbing her off her birthright. Which is exactly what you're doing by denying her sexual satisfaction.

   Now the KEY question is: Can You END your embarrassment from Premature Ejaculation for GOOD, and finally give your woman the sexual satisfaction that you know she deserves?

   To be completely honest with you, YES, you can. And I wouldn't be saying it if I wasn't absolutely sure. Many men before you, who had their sex lives ruined by premature ejaculation, overcame it, learnt how to last longer in bed, and now enjoy fantastic sex lives. And if they can do it, so can you.

   And just like them, I'll shortly help you hand pick a GOOD premature ejaculation treatment, that will transform you from a dud to a stud in bed, starting TONIGHT.
   But first things first, before you start on any premature ejaculation treatment, there's one thing you need to confirm...

What Is The ROOT Cause
Of Your Premature Ejaculation?

   The fundamental truth is that as long as the ROOT cause of your early ejaculation is not tackled head on, you will NEVER win your war against premature ejaculation.

   It's like trying to get rid of a termite colony. You can kill a million termite soldiers a day, but as long as you don't destroy the queen, they'll replenish and regroup their soldiers and build another ant hill in no time.

   Same case with trying to get rid of premature ejaculation, you have to attack the root cause of it, otherwise you'll only subdue it for a while, then it'll bounce back to haunt you again.

   Similarly, there's nothing like “one shoe fits all cure” if you want to permanently stop premature ejaculation permanently. The techniques that cure ONE cause of premature ejaculation do not necessarily cure another. Let me give you a live example...

   If your premature ejaculation is caused by weak pelvic muscles, you cannot use the same techniques used to strengthen these pelvic muscles, to reduce performance anxiety or any other cause of premature ejaculation for that matter. For that, you have to use other methods to last longer in bed that you'll be learning soon.

   Now do you see why it's important to first know the REAL reason behind your condition? Good. Because it's only then that you can seek the appropriate ways to stop premature ejaculation forever.

   Now since that's understood, lets answer your next question.

What Is Considered A GOOD
Premature Ejaculation Treatment For YOU?

   In just a short while, you'll be assessing ways to stop early ejaculation that are best suited for you. My advice to you is to CRITICALLY Consider the following three criteria :

  • The treatment is a PERMANENT premature ejaculation stop, rather than just a short-term solution to your problem.

  • The treatment should stop premature ejaculation naturally, and rely only on your body's natural responses to improve your sexual endurance.

  • The treatment should ATTACK the premature ejaculation problem at the ROOT cause.

Now, using the above three yardsticks as our benchmark, let us evaluate the various premature ejaculation treatments available for you.

Honest Review Of Common
Premature Ejaculation Treatments
" Stop Premature Ejaculation Reviews "

  Below are some common "treatments" for premature ejaculation. Let's assess them one by one, and see how effective they are in providing a lasting solution to your early ejaculation issues.

   1.  Antidepressants Drugs:-- Like stars in the sky, the market is literally flooded with tons of premature ejaculation drugs, in all shapes and sizes. And the amazing thing is that they all claim to be that "magic pill" that can instantly stop premature ejaculation.

   But does using drugs to stop premature ejaculation work?

   Well, these pills for premature ejaculation do function, but they come with unintentional side effects - which include loss of sex drive and problems ejaculating. Now, do you want to stop one sexual dysfunction, only to start up another?. Am sure you don't.

   Another downside is that you have to ingest these premature ejaculation pills every day, for you to maintain that sexual stamina. In short, you'll be a sex junkie for life.
   Not to mention that the timing has to be perfect because they don't work if you take them JUST BEFORE sex.

   Geez, now you have to ask your date... " like around what time do you think we'll have sex?" For real? Yeah, good Luck with that.

   But if you must take on these premature ejaculation drugs, it is advised that you seek medical opinion about any potential side effects, and if they are the best option for you to stop premature ejaculation.

   2.  Numbing Applicators such as creams, lotions and premature ejaculation sprays:- Without a doubt, these are the most popular “weapon of choice” among men trying to stop premature ejaculation.

   But do they merit your attention?

   Yes, if you are looking for a temporary fix. They are only useful if you need extra stamina at an instant’s notice, BUT none of them permanently STOPs premature ejaculation.

   Another shortcoming is that desensitizing creams are likely to deaden or lessen the sensations you and your woman ARE SUPPOSED to enjoy during sex. Why have sex if you can't enjoy it? It defeats logic don't it?

   Don't forget how embarrassing it is, to always leave your girlfriend in bed, and rush to the bathroom to apply cream or spray your penis, each time you are about to have sex. She'll see you as less "manly" since you can't last long enough on your own, without help from the "genie in the bottle".

   3.  Hypnosis Treatment:- This alternative way of stopping premature ejaculation that has attracted a lot of attention from men, mainly because of its unconventional approach. And here is how it works...

   The principle of premature ejaculation hypnosis is in dealing with your subconscious mind to liberate it off the fears, stress and sexual inhibitions that cause you to ejaculate early.
   By doing so, premature ejaculation hypnotherapy helps you ease " sexual performance anxiety", gain superior sexual confidence and realize better mental control... which are the right conditions to last longer in bed.

   Does this really deliver?

   For some guys it does – particularly those whose cause of premature ejaculation stems back to past negative sexual experience and those with problems coping with intense arousal and mental stimulation.

   But honestly, the improvements are only trivial, in the range of 10 to 15 per cent. So it is neither a comprehensive, long-lasting treatment nor is it an effective way to stop ejaculating too fast.

   4.  Exotic Herbs & Substances:- Nowadays, there's a herbal remedy for practically anything you can think of. So it's not surprising that we have herbs for premature ejaculation in the market.

   But do you really know what they put in those herbal tablets or pills? I bet you don't. And that's why I would warn against using substances that are not even officially approved for use by a renowned medical body for the purposes of treating premature ejaculation. They can potentially cause you greater damage than you bargain for.

   But don't get me wrong, there exists natural herbs that contain substances that lessen the effects of premature ejaculation, but don't cure it. They act like a painkiller that sooth the pain, but don't treat the source of the pain.
  In the fight against premature ejaculation, they play more of a supporting role rather than the main fighter.
  BUT what you need is a cure that will win the premature ejaculation war for you, not the small battles.

   5.  Natural Conditioning:-You cannot go wrong with this one. May be lasting forever in bed. These premature ejaculation techniques permanently STOP premature ejaculation AND attack the root reason for your early ejaculation at its source. How does it do that? I thought you'd never ask...

   It does so by shaping and conditioning your body to tolerate intensive sexual stimulation and extend your ejaculation through a NATURAL and time tested training routine.
   You may not see instant results, but with time, your ability to last longer will experience positive permanent effects, with no side effects whatsoever.

   Without a doubt, NATURALLY conditioning your ejaculatory response wins hands down.
   Because it permanently stop premature ejaculation, addresses your root causes of your premature ejaculation.. AND relies on your body's natural responses to keep you in charge of your ejaculatory system...making you last as long as you want.
   Not mentioning that its WAY cheaper, MORE convenient and LESS embarrassing to use than the other options..

   Remember earlier when I told you that it's hard to get a "one size fits all" way to stop premature ejaculation? Well, this is the closest you'll ever get to finding one.
   Because natural conditioning deals with each and every aspects of your premature ejaculation... from the mental up to the physical causes, and it does so using natural methods... stopping premature ejaculation for good.

   Don't believe me? Then read the following to believe yourself...

How NATURAL Conditioning Will
STOP Your Premature Ejaculation.

   Now, as you continue to read this website, you'll discover that OVERCOMING your premature ejaculation involves a SIMPLE 3 STEP FORMULA:-

   #1.  MASTERING your ejaculatory process and sexual responses:- I'm sure you'll agree with me that without an accurate knowledge as to how your body reacts to sexual stimulation, you'll never be able to control how soon you ejaculate during sex, and stop premature ejaculation permanently.
   That's why controlling your sexual excitement is vital in keeping your premature ejaculation in check. And before you can even be IN CHARGE of your arousal, you have to understand how it works. You'll be surprised how familiar the ejaculation process is. You could actually see yourself going through all it's phases.

   In short, your body goes through 4 key stages of response during sexual intercourse.

  • Stage one involves "excitement" when your penis starts to fill with blood and becomes erect... Nothing much going on here, just the usual early stages of foreplay, caressing and fondling.
  • Stage two when your erection becomes full but you are relaxed and still in control... Woooh, It's getting heated. Now you are inside her, steadily stroking her. Emotions are running deep but you are still in control.
  • Stage three occurs when the arousal intensifies, your penis glans expands, become more sensitive and you are right on the edge of ejaculation... Now you are furiously stroking and hammering her. You are not in control anymore. You are at a point where you feel like you can't stop... even if your grandma walked into the room. Yes, this is the famous "God, am coming, am coming" part.
  • This culminates into Stage four when your nervous system tips over, causing your pelvic muscles to contract and releasing ejaculation... Then with a sense of HUGE relief, you explode your cum inside her, and let out that war cry... or is it sex cry..AAAAAAgh....

   There you have it. The ejaculation process... from that first kiss...up to the end when you ejaculate...

   Although it's not mentioned above, there are hormones that are discharged throughout these four stages, that have a great say on how soon you ejaculate.
   Some make you climax fast while others slow down the ejaculation process. There's a way you can benefit from these and have a delayed ejaculation.
   By using safe and natural techniques to regulate these hormones and keeping them in balance, you'll gain the ability to naturally control how long you take to ejaculate.

   In summary, through some simple yet powerful NATURAL techniques you can MASTER how your body RESPONDS and REACTS right THROUGH these four phases of the build-up process leading to ejaculation.
   Little by little, as you get familiar with these techniques to stop premature ejaculation, you'll start to feel that SUPERIOR ability to dictate how long each stage lasts, especially stage two & Stage three, AND ultimately enjoy sex to the fullest.

   #2.   DEVELOP an "IRON CLAD" mental control:- Believe it or not, a good deal of your failure to end premature ejaculation trunks from the kind off thoughts that run through your mind during sexual intercourse.

   Whether its emotional strain, sexual performance anxiety, confidence-related issues or too much mental stimulation, they make an ENORMOUS difference as to how long you will last in bed. Unknowingly, you allow these THOUGHTS to quickly overwhelm you …blowing early as a result.

   But don't worry, within no time, you'll develop an IRON CLAD mental control by learning how to focus on ALL sexual sensations that you EXPERIENCE and GIVE during sex, AND not just what you feel in your crouch, while banishing any negative thoughts that creep into your mind.

   #3.  REGAINING Physical Control:- Complementing your MENTAL CONTROL with PHYSICAL CONTROL will completely re-program your ejaculatory triggers, giving you the power to ejaculate at will.

   Sex experts like to call it the ONE-TWO PUNCH that permanently stops premature ejaculation. Let me show you how the physical aspect comes into play...

   You see... there is a particular clique of muscles that regulate how soon you ejaculate during sex. By training and strengthening them using the right exercise to stop premature ejaculation, you can keep them relaxed at all times even under the most intense sexual stimulation. While in this relaxed mode, you can last as long as you want

   But please take note. Its VERY important that you understand how these clique of muscles work because if you do not know what you are doing, and you exercise them the wrong way, they might actually make you come faster than before.

   But that's not your concern, because here, you'll learn how to CORRECTLY train these ejaculatory muscles using certain techniques that will help you last a lot longer in bed.

   Now, do you see how natural conditioning is the all rounded, all inclusive cure for your premature ejaculation? I believe it's all you need to transform your sex life from mediocre to extraordinary, and actually be the best you can ever be in bed.

Do You Sincerely Want to
STOP Premature Ejaculation?

   If you do, there is no better time to start than NOW!

   Don't be like most men who keep complaining that they can't last long enough, but never make ANY conscious effort to try and eradicate this problem.
   All they do is hope and pray that the problem will GO AWAY or GET BETTER with time while the rest just suffer silently without seeking help due to fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

   And If and when they do seek ways to stop premature ejaculation, they resort to short-term tactics like numbing sprays, creams and pills which don't ATTACK the root origins of your premature ejaculation. Yet, they still wonder why the never stop premature ejaculation.

   Remind yourself that you are not like them. Why? Because you now know better. And remember that Premature ejaculation is not PERMANENT...And you can easily reverse a lifetime of ejaculation problems to that of joyful fulfilling sex.

   But first you have to accept that you have an issue with lasting longer, and be ready to take specific steps to overcome and stop premature ejaculation completely.
   And since you are still reading this, it shows that you are committed to improving your sex life. And here's your chance to make things right between you and your woman.

   Honestly, if someone gave you that one opportunity to finally UNLOCK Your Sex Potential, and be that amazing lover that you always dreamed of, the one that keeps his women sexually satisfied at all times, the one that is so good in bed that women can't get their hands of him, the one whose friends are so envious of... Wouldn't you take it?


P.S. Achieving a permanent fix to your premature ejaculation problem is the most important thing that any guy can do, including you. And thanks to the gods, natural training and conditioning program is the best long term natural cure to your premature ejaculation problem.


It addresses the underlying physical and psychological triggers of your early ejaculation and lets you develop exceptional control over such triggers. Such natural approach is not a quick fix, but most guys can experience improvement in their ejaculatory reflexes within 2 to 3 days.

This is the best and only way to permanently end your premature ejaculation problem and get the kind of amazing sex you've been yearning for!

P.P.S. Like all things worth doing, the best solution always takes some time and effort. But think about it. You want to last longer in bed, not just tonight, or tomorrow night, but forever, don't you? Then it is certainly worth every minute of your time to naturally "program" your mind and body to last longer in bed and give your romantic partner the pleasure she deserves... and of course, get more sex from her as a result!

" The Road To Success Is Dotted With Many Tempting Parking Spaces. "
~ Author Unknown ~

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