How To Use The Squeeze Technique To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

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"Find Out What's The Squeeze Technique For Premature Ejaculation, How To Do It & Why It's So Successful In Helping Men Last Longer During Sex"

   Hey Bro,

   By the time you finish reading this page, you’ll have learnt a simple but effective male masturbating technique that’ll not only prolong the pleasure you get from wanking, but also improve your sexual staying power in bed.

   To put it lightly. You’ll be killing two birds with one “stroke”.

   It’s called the Masters and Johnson squeeze technique, invented by Masters and Johnson in the early 1970s as a treatment for premature ejaculation.

   So how does the squeeze technique work? Well, see below and find out …

How To Perform The Squeeze Technique
" How To Last Longer In Bed Squeeze Technique "

   Here's how to do the squeeze technique for premature ejaculation and train yourself to last longer in bed...

   #1: –While holding your penis by your hand, begin masturbating by stroking it up and down, simulating the movements during sex. As you go on, let your sexual arousal rise and get as close as you can to the point of no return, without losing control YET.

   #2: – Once you near you climax point, firmly squeeze the area right below your penis head with your thumb on the topside and your first two fingers on bottom side. Apply solid pressure continuously for about 10 to 20 seconds, while focusing the pressure on the urethra - the tube that runs along the underside of your dick. This firm pressure applied onto this area will push out penile blood, stem the flow of ejaculation and hold back your ejaculatory reflex.

   #3: – Release the squeeze, and wait for about 30 seconds until the arousal subsides. Then resume stimulation again.Don’t worry if your penis goes limb after the squeeze. Once you resume stimulation, you’ll regain your erection again.

   #4: – Redo this routines 10 times or 15 minutes, whichever you are comfortable with.

   #5: – During the last round, allow yourself to ejaculate as freely. This is commonly referred to as a squeeze technique climax and it's more intense and fulfilling than the normal ones that you are usually used to.


   Because every time you hold back your ejaculation, you experience a mini orgasm, with each one growing in intensity. So when you finally ejaculate, spoof will literally gush out of your dick like a squirt. This orgasm feels like nothing you've ever felt before. You have to feel it to understand it.
   Incase you are fortunate enough to have a partner that's willing, patient and understanding enough to help you gain those precious extra minutes in bed - ( after all, she's the one going to benefit the most from your newly improved sexual stamina ) - this is how you'd go about performing the squeeze Technic together...

How To Do The Squeeze
Technique With Your Partner

   #1: –The drill is the same except this time, your partner is the one providing the sexual stimulation by either giving you a blow job or a
Hand Job, or using male masturbation toy, whichever's good with you.

   #2: – So when you come close to your point of no return, give her a signal to stop, and have her squeeze your penis at the base (where it meets the shaft) for a couple of seconds until your arousal goes down.

   #3: – When you are good to go again, signal her to resume sexual stimulation.

   #4: –Repeat this routines 10 times or 15 minutes, whichever way you want.

   #5: – On the last round let yourself ejaculate naturally and freely, Or better yet, why not have sex on the last round? A cookie for all the hard work don't you think?

   And that's all there's to it. Once you are comfortable doing this routine during masturbation, it's time to take it to the next level...

Using The Male Squeeze Technique To
Prevent Premature Ejaculation During Sex

   Start making love as you normally would. But when things heat up and you near your climax point, quickly withdraw your penis.
   You can either do the squeeze yourself by pressing the tip of your penis or let your lover firmly squeeze your member with her thumb on the bottom side of your penis, and her index and middle fingers are on the topside.

   When your arousal lessens, you can either resume foreplay or stimulation to get your dick hard again, Or if you are still hard enough, you can resume intercourse straight away.

   Yeah, I can almost hear you asking ...

Does The Squeeze Technique Work?

   Yes, it does. It might be a little cumbersome at first, but you'll be the first to confess that once you get a couple of practice rounds under your belt, you’ll naturally know your point of no return well enough to be able to delay ejaculation without even needing the squeeze.

   Now how about that? Isn't that what you want?... But first, you have to do the squeezes.

Is The Squeeze Technique Harmful?

   Not at all. Although the "squeeze" might feel a little bit uncomfortable, it's not known to be harmful in any way.
   Besides, doctors and sexual therapists all over the world recommended this technique as a sure fire way of preventing premature ejaculation. And aren't doctors supposed to know what's best for you?

   Now here's something the doctors aren't telling you...

This Technique Increases Your Penis Size
" Glans Squeeze Technique for Girth "

   That's right. And the explanation is really simple...

   You see when you do the squeeze, you are basically blocking the flow of semen. This builds up pressure which in turn stretches the spongy tissue of your penis glans outwards. You'll actually feel the head of your penis bulge.
   After several squeezes, the penis tissues are expanded to their limits and become more flexible, allowing more blood to flow in. And more blood in your penis means a bigger, firmer dick with harder erections.

   Now that's one side effect I'm sure no man will complain about.

Squeeze Until Something Happens 

   Practice makes perfect. And this is a proven technique that has stood the test of time. It worked then, and it still works now. It's timeless. So the ball is really on your court. Smart guys like you come up with a convenient practice schedule, and follow it diligently. Consistency is the key, and the rewards are worth the effort.

   Other than practice, there are few important male masturbation tips that you need to keep in mind while doing the squeeze technique for PE. Because without them, you might just end up not adding anything to your sexual stamina, or even make you cum quicker than before. And I know you don't want that.
   So take advantage of them right now and you'll see that within no time, you'll be a master at delaying your ejaculation long enough to give your woman thigh quivering orgasms. Now that's something I know you want, Right?

   On a lighter note:- If you've been looking for a justification to jerk off anytime you get, this one fits the bill perfectly. Because if she ever catches you with your pants down wanking in the bathroom, all you have to say is...

"Baby, I'm doing this for US."

P.S. As you might have realized, this last longer squeeze technique is just a slight variation to the normal masturbation many men are used to. So I'm quite confident you'll learn it easily. But don't be fooled by it's simplicity. It's benefits are immense in terms of boosting your sexual stamina, and increasing the girth of your penis too.

So my question is...

Do you really want to deny yourself and your woman the long lasting fulfilling sex that you know you both deserve, when the ANSWER is literally at the palm of your hands?

Today is the first day of the rest of your SEX life...

" There Are Two Types Of People In This World, People Who Masturbate & Liars

~ Author Unknown ~

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