Everything You NEED To Know About Your Pubococcygeal (PC Muscle)
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" Find Out What's The Pubococcygeal (PC Muscle), It's Location In Your Body, It's Purpose, It's Relationship With Premature Ejaculation & More Importantly, It's Control Over How Long You Last In Bed "

Hi Brother,

   Do you really know what exactly determines how soon you ejaculate during sex? Most men (including my old self) are clueless about this.

   But no matter what you think your particular cause may be, most doctors agree that a man's ability to last long enough during sex depends on one crucial factor...
- the strength of his pelvic or PC (pubococcygeal) muscle.


What Is The PC Muscle & Where Is It Located ?

   Good question.

   The mens PC muscle - or the "love muscles" as most would call it - is a hammock like muscle that's part of a group of pelvic floor Muscles that are found just below the pelvis area of both men and women.

   How do you find it?.

   To find the location of the pubococcygeal muscle, try to urinate and then stop midway. You’ll realize that just between your testes and your anus, you’ll feel one muscle that contracts.
   You may also feel like your bowels are being "squeezed" or moved outwards. That’s the Pubococcygeal muscle.


What's The Purpose Of The PC Muscle
"What Does The Pubococcygeus Muscle Do?"

   Most men are unaware of this, but the Pubococcygeal muscle plays a crucial role in controlling all your ejaculatory functions, including urination, bowel movements and of course (and more importantly), how soon you release semen during lovemaking. (Especially when your sexual arousal starts to build up during sexual intercourse)

   But for the purposes of why you are here, let’s take a deeper look at how the Pubococcygeal muscle controls how soon you ejaculate during sex.

PC Muscle And Premature Ejaculation

   The real deal with the pelvic muscles is this. If they are weak for any reason, during sex, they’ll generally easily trigger involuntary muscular contractions that precede an orgasm.

   If you think about it, you’ve probably have noticed it that when you are near ejaculation, the key muscles in the pelvis becomes tense, and start to contract rhythmically and involuntarily.
   If these pubococcygeus muscles are not strong enough, premature ejaculation will almost always occur.

   This leads us to your next question…

How Do You Know If Your PC Muscle Is Weak ?
"Symptoms Of A Weak PC Muscle"

   If you didn’t know, weak Pubococcygeal Muscles is the biological reason behind almost all cases of premature ejaculation.

   The following are tell-tale signs of a weak PC muscles.

  • If your erections come and go very fast.
  • If your ejaculations are weak and trickle out of the penis - rather than shoot off. This reduces the pleasure you get.
  • If it takes you a longer time between an ejaculation and the next erection.
  • If you lack the understanding of the different levels of arousals, and therefore fail to control your ejaculation
But here’s a consoling fact. Most men have weak "Love Muscles" to begin with.
   Yes. You are not alone.
   But the good news is, these Pelvic muscles can be strengthened and toughened up by practicing simple exercises.

   So here’s to…

Strengthening The Male PC Muscle Block
"PC Muscle Exercises To Prevent Premature Ejaculation"

   You’ll be delighted to know that there are specific premature ejaculation exercises that you can learn to toughen up and strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles in order to prevent an early ejaculation.

   You probably have heard about them.

   They are called Kegel Exercises for men. It is an extremely effective solution to premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed.

   Many sexual therapists teach this exercise, but this is actually something you can easily learn and do from home too!

   And here’s you free chance to learn these Kegel exercises and improve on your sexual endurance, amp up the temperatures in between the sheets … and give your woman a lot MORE to look forward to having sex with you AGAIN.

   You’d be lying through your teeth if you said you didn’t want that


P.S. The Pelvic Muscles are often termed as the fountain of youth! And rightly so. Because they can affect everything about your sex life; including how long enough you’ll last in bed... to how much pleasure you can get and give from sex! And it’s for this reason alone that these cliques of muscles can either be a gift or a curse for you in the bedroom.

And the best way to make these muscles a gift for you in bed, make them work for you (rather than against you) is to fortify them using these Kegel exercises.

" Being In Tune With Your Weaknesses
Puts You In Greater Tune With Your Strengths
~ Author Unknown~

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