3 Tips To Prevent Premature Ejaculation And Gain Super Stamina & Confidence
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   The inability of a man to prevent premature ejaculation during sex is one of the most common sexual complaints - not just amongst men, but amongst women too. If premature ejaculation is giving you plenty of frustration in your sexual relationship, then this article is definitely for you.

   Here, you'll learn how to use 3 tips to prevent pre ejaculation from ruining your night, and ensure that your lover gets her fair share of sexual fulfillment before you ejaculate.

   Sadly, most guys overlook these simple strategies on how to prevent early ejaculation. But if you pay just a little attention to them, amazing longer sex is just around the corner waiting!

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#1- It's Not All About Penetration

   Majority of men have this mistaken belief that women can only be sexual satisfied through intercourse. But nothing can be further from the truth! Because almost 75% of women can only achieve an orgasm through oral sex than intercourse? That's true.

   So it really works to your advantage to learn at least some basic oral sex tips to bring your woman to an erotic boil FIRST before heading into penetration mode.

   Once she gets her orgasm through oral sex, a lot of the burden and performance anxiety will be lifted off your shoulders.
   And since performance stress and anxiety are two key factors of premature ejaculation, getting these out of the way can only mean better sex and better sexual endurance for you, and your partner too!

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#2- Focus On Your Breathing

   One of the keys to lasting longer is in regulating how you breathe during sex. Breathing correctly will help relax both your mind and body and can potentially give you that massive boost in sexual stamina that you really want.

   You can borrow this great breathing tip that athletes use all the time to last longer during work outs. Here's they do it...
...Consciously take in slow deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Hint:- your belly should come before your chest and your shoulders shouldn't accompany the breathing movements.

   Apply this same breathing concept whenever you have sex, and you will not only prevent premature ejaculation, but experience an almost superhuman sexual stamina and literally last for hours on end!

   That's how you breathe right, and last all night, NATURALLY.

#3- Avoid Rapid Thrusting

   This is a no-brainer but it surprises me just how many men go into frenzied thrusting mode from the onset intercourse. Just by slowing down the speed of your penetration, you will prevent premature ejaculation almost instantly.

   In addition, try to alter the angle and depth of thrusts so that your penis gland (or head) receives less stimulation. Start off with very shallow thrusts, allowing only the tip of your penis (one inch or so) to enter.

   The reason is simple. The clitoris and G-spot are both located at or near the vaginal opening which is filled with thousands of sensitive nerve endings. Thus slow, shallow and deliberate penetration is extremely arousing for your lady.

   Once she is highly aroused, (or when you feel your arousal escalating), slowly introduce deep thrusts and vary the angle of penetration. This should cool you off while you still stimulating her to an early orgasm.

   This ejaculation prevention tip will leave her in awe of your lovemaking prowess, as she enjoys uncontrollable orgasms, courtesy of YOU.

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