How To Stop Your Premature Ejaculations & Enjoy Sex That Lasts 10 Times Longer
(2 Extremely Powerful Tips)

Insane Tips To Stop Your Premature Ejaculations Tonight

Hey Pal,

   If you have been having premature ejaculations for some time now, it is very natural for you to want to seek out quick cures, or any cure for that matter.

   I mean who wouldn't? The pain and humiliation it brings to your life is enough to send any man into a frenzied search for the next best cure. You'd even try voodoo if you thought it'd work.

   But the truth is, there are some simple strategies you can use to stop your frequent premature ejaculations and give your sexual stamina a transformative boost.
   And the best thing is, most of these tips and tricks are completely natural and does not need you to buy any form of pills, sprays or desensitizing agents.

   Without wasting anymore time, let's delve into these 2 simple tips that'll help you end your premature ejaculations and make you last longer in bed!(even tonight)

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Lower Her Orgasmic Threshold

   The logic is simple. If you can lower the threshold and the time it takes to bring your woman to an orgasm, you can almost always outlast her during sex. In fact most sex therapists recommend this approach as a "first line of defense" against premature ejaculations.

   So how do you make her cum quicker?

Proper amounts of foreplay, oral sex or even fingering techniques are great ways to build up sexual anticipation in a woman and get her all steamed up and readied up for sex. Even porn stars do it every time.

When you do so, you'll greatly reduce her sexual inhibitions and amount of time needed for her to acquire an orgasm during penetrative sex.

Give Your Lover The Best Foreplay She Ever Had... & Pleasure Every Inch Of Her Body To An Intense, Uncontrollable Orgasm
   Which is nothing but good news for you because the quicker she climaxes, the shorter the time required for you to last during intercourse! See how smart you are

   Even better, some women are known to achieve multiple orgasms during the acts of foreplay or oral sex ALONE. And this, my friend, will greatly reduce the pressure and anxiety on you to perform during intercourse, making you last even longer in bed. (After all, most premature ejaculations often stems from performance anxiety or stress.)

   I'm telling you, this paradigm shift will do wonders to your sexual confidence in bed. And as a result, you'll naturally be able to last longer over time.

   This, without a doubt, is the cleverest way to cheat premature ejaculation out there by a mile.

#2- Relaxation Techniques

   The fact is, no matter how many techniques or sex positions you use to increase your stamina in bed, you have to be relaxed in both mind and body when you are practicing them for you to stand any chance of preventing an early ejaculation during sex.

   Seems like a tall order? Not after I show you these easy 2 ways to relax and last longer in bed.

   Technique #1 -"Mind Over Body": Focus your mind on the different sensations that are going through your body. Instead of focusing on the sensations in your penis, try to turn your attention to the feelings in your abdomen, legs or your chest.
   If you feel a tightening in any of the muscles in those areas, take a deep breath and relax these areas consciously - (like when urinating). Not only will this help you keep off premature ejaculation, it will also let you continue receiving sexual stimulation without blowing early.

   Technique #2 - Neutral relaxation: This form of relaxation is less deep in nature. In this state, you enjoy the sensations, but in a neutral manner. You focus on the feelings you are getting, just as you would focus on a book that is not boring, but not very interesting either!
   Your interest should be there, but not in an all encompassing manner! Get the flow? Do it right, and you will be able to enjoy the sensations of sex for longer until you are ready to ejaculate.

   So if you are presently lasting just 2 minutes in bed, just try this tips, and the ability to ride it out for 20 minutes or more is no longer an impossible dream, but a possible reality!

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