Are You A Victim Of
Premature Ejaculation Fetish?

" Find Out what's Premature Ejaculation Fetish, Strange Reasons For It, & Why Should Avoid It At All Costs."

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   Frankly, at first I thought I had read the phrase wrong. “Premature Ejaculation Fetish?”. Like for real? Maybe I wasn’t sure of the meaning. So to be certain, I looked up the definition of fetish, just in case it had any other meaning that I didn’t know of.

   As suspected, the thesaurus came up with “obsessed, fixated, passionate, crazed or pre-occupied”.
   To cut a long story short, premature ejaculation fetish ( or PE Fetish) is being obsessed or passionate about premature ejaculation.

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   I know you you are wondering how that can be even remotely true. Baffles me too. But stranger things have been known to happen. So let's first see...

Why Premature Ejaculation Fetish
Doesn’t Make Sense

   You can understand why a man will be obsessed with finding a cure for his premature ejaculation.

   I mean, the humiliation and embarrassment of coming early can kill your self-confidence and self-worth eventually destroying your sex life and relationships. If that’s not motivation enough to send you into a frantic hunt for a remedy for your premature ejaculation, then I don’t know what else is.

   But honestly, for you to be passionate or even somewhat enjoy early ejaculation beats logic. How can you love something that brings you so much pain and suffering, something that takes away your self-dignity, self-worth, causes you to doubt your manhood and makes you feel less of a man? Sounds unreal, right?

   But you know what sounds even more unreal? The idea that a woman would even slightly love or enjoy the fact that you always finish to soon in bed.

   How could that be. I mean the whole fuss about premature ejaculation is that because of it, women are left sexually dissatisfied and frustrated, since men literally get off when they should be getting it on.

   The truth is there wouldn’t be any premature ejaculation if women didn’t mind. Why do I say So? Just ask yourself this. Do you feel bad because you ejaculate early, or do you feel bad because you ejaculate too early before satisfying your partner?

   I'm sure you'll agree that the latter is true. If it were up to you, you wouldn't mind coming early. You just came and got satisfied. But your woman didn't get hers. She's frustrated and that's why premature ejaculation is such a big deal.

Strange Reasons for
Premature Ejaculation Fetish

   Surprisingly, there are women out there that enjoy when their men come early. Some of their reasons for premature ejaculation fetish include:-.

   1.   Believe it or not, some women take it as sign of being so hot and sexy, that you can’t contain yourself around her and you just blow your load off at her slightest provocation. Form a woman's perspective, this is a valid point if you think about it. I’m yet to meet a woman that doesn’t love a compliment, and coming in your pants after just a sneak peak of her boobs is one hell of a compliment.

   2.   Others justify their premature ejaculation fetish by saying they like it because when you come quickly on the first round, it's almost a guarantee you'll last longer the following rounds. This is very true and common in men. You get extremely aroused that you cum just moments within penetration. This works for in your favor in that it dissipates the urge to ejaculate and kinds of numbs the penis from excessive stimulation, allowing the following rounds to last longer.

   3.   Some women do it on purpose to mislead you into thinking that you’re the ultimate lover and that you easily satisfy women in bed. This works for the ladies in two ways.

   By doing so, you’ll see no need to improve your skills in bed since she makes you think you are that good. So in case you cheat, and get embarrassed and ridiculed for your laughable performance in bed, you’ll shy away form having sex with other women and only stick to the one that you think really appreciates your sex game, which is your wife or girlfriend.

   Also by letting you know that she’s totally sexually satisfied with your lovemaking, you’re relax and see no reason to believe that your chick can cheat on you for sexual satisfaction. This is common to women who love you and don't want to hurt you, or are with you for material things, kids support or just a sense of security. Basically they don't want to risk loosing you because you mean so much to them in one way or another.

   But the truth is, while you're feeling all comfortable about your relationship, she’s probably out there getting all the action she can on the side, or wishing she did.

   I admit these reasons for premature ejaculation fetish among women may seem a bit farfetched but they are not far from the truth.

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Why You Should Ignore
Premature Ejaculation Fetish

   Premature ejaculation fetish is just a matter of delaying the inevitable humiliation you’ll face at the hands of premature ejaculation for not seeking treatment for it.

   Besides, the reasons women give for their premature ejaculation fetish are just selfish and maybe out of fear of hurting your feelings. It has nothing to do with you or how you feel or what they really want... which is an amazing fulfilling sex life

   So here are reasons as to why you should ignore premature ejaculation fetish and go ahead and seek treatment for your early ejaculation

   1.   Better be safe than sorry: - Ask yourself this, what if you break up with this girl? Do you think the next one will be so forgiving and understanding of your premature ejaculation problem? Chances are not.

   It’s better to improve your sexual stamina now and horn your skills until it becomes second nature to you. This prepares you for any kind of woman you’ll meet, whether she lasts 5 minutes or 1 hr, you’ll be up for the challenge.

   Like I always say, it’s better to have the sexual power to last longer in bed and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Somehow like having the turbocharger in your car. You rarely use it during normal driving but it becomes extremely vital when you want to reach high speeds.

   2.   If her reason for premature ejaculation fetish is that it makes her feel hot, then her insecurities is what's causing it.
   Let me explain.
   She doesn’t think she’s sexy or beautiful enough, so when you literally wet your pants at her slightest seduction, she believes she's so sexy that you can't handle it, and this lifts up her self-esteem.

   Reassuring her from time to time that she's sexy, beautiful or even good in bed can go a long way in alleviating her self-doubts regarding her sexuality. This makes her more confident and care free during sex, making the satisfaction she gets from you making her climax even more special.

   3.   If the only reason she wants you to come quickly the first round is for you to last longer the next rounds, then what if you can last longer the first time around? Wouldn’t that be even be more satisfying?

   4.   Don’t forget the fact surveys have shown that most women think you are selfish and only concerned about your own satisfaction and not hers, since you always come first without making her climax too. And can you blame her?

   5.   To be honest, the number of chicks that have premature ejaculation fetish are very few and marginal. I am yet to meet one myself. So instead of looking for a woman that is comfortable with your premature ejaculation condition (which is almost next to impossible), why don’t you improve your sexual endurance and attract the larger number of women that appreciate a man that always makes them climax? Your odds of getting a woman will be greater in this group.

   6.   Curing your early ejaculation and lasting longer in bed is a win win situation for both you and your woman.
   For you, it’ll boost your self-confidence to know that you can last long enough to satisfy any woman in bed. Just pause for a second and imagine that feeling!!! Makes you feel like superman in bed don’t it?

   Add that to the fact that your woman will always be looking forward to making love to you because satisfaction is always guaranteed. She’ll see no reason to cheat on you for sex, since your sex game is miles ahead of the rest.

   Simply put....

Premature Ejaculation Can Never Be Your Friend, But Always An Enemy.

   Don't be in denial. No good can ever come out of premature ejaculation. It should be stopped at all costs. Why? How about it silently kills your self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, sex life and eventually destroys your relationships. Need I say more? Then...

   Why on God's green earth would you want to have it around?

   The joy, pride, fulfillment, confidence, respect and high self-esteem that you gain after ending your premature ejaculation is simply amazing. You have to experience it to understand what I mean. And once you do, you'll wonder (and regret) why you took so long to get treatment.

   And no one would be more happier with the " new you " than your partner. Because finally, she'll have the man that she always dreams off... the man who fully satisfies her in bed day in day out...YOU.
   Do you wish to deny her that? I'm sure you don't.

   And that's why I know you'll learn these interesting but easy-to-do techniques that helps you last longer and finally enjoy the sweet long lasting sex that you know you (and your woman) deserve.

PS:- Just in case I missed out on anything...

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