How To Last Longer With These Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Have You Tried These Natural Exercises To Supercharge Your Sexual Stamina In Bed?

" Learn Simple But Powerful Premature Ejaculation Exercises That Not Only Boost Your Ability To Last Longer In Bed, But Also Increase The Size Of Your Penis "

My Brother,

   Do you really know what exactly determines how soon you ejaculate during sex? Most men (including my old self) are clueless about this. But no matter what you think your particular cause may be, most doctors agree that a man's ability to last long enough during sex depends on one crucial factor - the strength of his pelvic or PC (pubococcygeus) muscle.

   As a matter of fact, these set of muscles are often termed as the fountain of youth! And rightly so. Because they can affect everything about your sex life; including how long enough you’ll last in bed... to how much pleasure you can get and give from sex!
   And it’s for this reason alone that these cliques of muscles can either be a gift or a curse for you in the bedroom.

   But first …

What's the PC Muscle All About
& Where Is It
Found ?

   Good question. Let’s start with its location. To find the PC muscle, try to urinate and then stop midway. You’ll realise that just between your testes and your anus, you’ll feel one muscle that contracts. You may also feel like your bowels are being "squeezed" or moved outwards.

   That’s the PC muscle. And it controls all your ejaculatory functions, including urination, bowel movements and of course (and more importantly), how soon you release of semen during lovemaking.

   So what’s all the fuss about PC muscles anyway? The deal with these PC muscles is this. If they are weak for any reason, they’ll generally trigger involuntary muscular contractions that precede an orgasm.
   If you think about it, you’ve probably have noticed it that when you are near ejaculation, the key muscles in the pelvis will become tense, and start to contract rhythmically and involuntarily. If these muscles are not strong enough, premature ejaculation will almost always occur.

So How Do You Know
You Have Weak
Pelvic Muscles?

   The following are tell-tale signs that you have feeble pelvic muscles
  • If you erections come and go very fast.
  • If your ejaculations are weak and trickle out of the penis - rather than shoot off. This reduces the pleasure you get.
  • If you take a long time to get an erection after ejaculating.
  • If you lack the understanding of the different levels of arousals, and therefore fail to control your ejaculation

But Here's A Consoling FACT

   Most men have weak PC muscles to begin with. The good news? You’ll be delighted to know that there are specific premature ejaculation exercises that you can learn to toughen up and fortify these muscles in order to prevent an early ejaculation. You probably have heard about them. They are called Kegel or pelvic contraction exercises.

   These exercises to last longer in bed for men, which were actually designed to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles after childbirth, are among the most well-known premature ejaculation exercises that give you superior control during sex. (And have the added benefit of improving the size of your penis too, which is not a bad outcome either!...and I'm pretty sure your lover won't be complaining about it either.)

   And you know what? These are not physical workouts that involve long hours of exercising. No no no no. These premature ejaculation exercises are simple pelvic muscle contraction and relaxation exercises to cure premature ejaculation that can literally be performed without breaking a sweat.

   Yeah that’s true. Kegel basically requires you to squeeze or contract your PC muscles and then release or relax them. That’s all. How hard can that be? But most importantly, you need to know the gentle variations to these premature ejaculation exercises, and the right manner and right frequency to do them. Why?

Here's The Thing

   Many men misunderstand the real benefits of these premature ejaculation exercises. It’s no doubt that these routines will give you a rock hard, PC muscle... but that on its own is NOT the key to helping you last longer. Keep reading…

   Some men think that stronger PC muscles will enable you to squeeze or contract them to stop an ejaculation. But on the contrary, contracting these muscles incorrectly will cause you to climax even faster! I’ll explain…

   You see when you are near an orgasm, the PC muscles actually contract involuntarily (and you had probably notice that too!). Thus by squeezing the PC muscle, you are actually speeding up your orgasm and forcing the release of semen through your penis!

So What will Strong Pelvic Muscles Really Do?

   Simple... you’ll have the ability to control them and completely RELAX them at WILL when you are having sex. As you’ll soon realize, when these muscles are relaxed - with NO strain or stress within them- they won’t succumb to any involuntary contractions... Meaning there’s no way ejaculation will occur.

   And that’s the whole point of practicing Kegels and pelvic contraction exercises - to get yourself accustomed to the sensation of your PC muscle being contracted or relaxed, so that you can gain greater control and keep them relaxed for as long as you desire.

So What Is The Best Way
To Strengthen My Pelvic Muscles
(I Thought You'd Never Ask)

   First, let me give you an outline. During the initial stages of practicing Kegel exercises to prevent premature ejaculation, you should be geared towards gaining an understanding of your pelvic muscles and the right way to exercise them.
   Once you have practiced the basics, you should move on to other routines so that you can get the most benefits out of them and significantly improve your sexual stamina.

First... Let's Get The Routine RIGHT

      Step #1 - Clamping Or Clenching: – Tighten or clench the pelvic muscles for half a second each (as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine) . Practice this in quick succession. Around 50 clamps should be completed in 30 seconds flat. That means you have to do them real fast and strong!

      Step #2 - Squeezing: – After this, you should do 5 squeezes with each lasting 10 seconds , keeping a gap of about two seconds between them. So, you should aim to complete a set of five within one minute. (A squeeze is just like a clamp that is stretched out for a few seconds longer.)

      Step #3 - Fluttering: : – A flutter is simple to do. It’s just a variation of the clamp. Just squeeze your pelvic muscles in a slowly but steadily manner. The ultimate squeeze should be hard, even though you build it up gradually. Hold it for 3-4 seconds, and then relax the muscles slowly in same duration. Do 5 sets of this routine.

      Step #4 - Pushing Out: : – The push-out is the reverse of the squeeze. In this exercise, you push the PC muscle outwards, as if you were doing a bowel movement. At this stage, you should be doing 2 push outs, each lasting for about 10 seconds. Make sure you put in a gap of 3 seconds between each set.

      Step #5 - Repeat: : – Do these premature ejaculation exercises for at least 10 minutes every day and increase the duration and repetitions as you go along.

Important Points To Note
When Performing Kegels?

   There are 2 simple tips to help you make these premature ejaculation exercises even more effective.

      Tip#1 - Focus: – You should pay full attention when doing these premature ejaculation exercises. For instance, when you clench or clamp, make sure you really hold the pressure in, to the best of your ability. Remember, this will determine how well-toned your PC muscles will become in the long run, so don't go easy on them.

      Tip#2 - Use a Digital Clock/Watch: : – Keeping your time using a clock or watch is important. This is because when your muscles feel weaker from doing repeated clenches, you will tend to slow down on these premature ejaculation exercises. This will inevitably make the whole routine less effective. A digital clock or watch will help you time it perfectly.

An Advanced Variation
Of Kegels Exercises

   If you want to take it up another notch, and further strengthen the PC muscle, or simply to achieve results faster, you can use this slight variation of the kegels exercise that involves touching your genitals.

      1: –Stimulate yourself until you get a full erection

      2: –Then try tensing your penis to make it go up and down, left and right without using your hands (you will actually feel the PC muscle tightening)

      3: –You can then try weighing it down by placing a small hand towel near the tip of your penis

      4: – Now try tensing your penis to make the towel move up and down, left and right again. Perform 10 repetitions each day, and slowly increase it 25 repetitions over 2 weeks.

   NOTE: - No matter where you are starting off with these exercises to last longer in bed naturally, make sure you build up your PC muscle slowly. This will prevent unnecessary strain that may occur from working out your muscles too fast, too soon!

Is There A Specific Time
To Do These Routines?

   Not really. You see the best thing about Kegel exercises is that there is absolutely no fixed timing to perform them. Honestly, most of these premature ejaculation exercises are innocent and discreet enough to be practiced at any time of the day and anywhere you like - in the office, driving or commuting, at home watching television… or even right now while you are reading this!... Reason being that most of them don’t require you to handle your penis

   But if you wish to permanently cure premature ejaculation, you should set aside dedicated time every day to practice these premature ejaculation exercises.

So What's The Best Place & Time To Perform These Kegels Exercises?

   Curious about when and where you should practice these simple premature ejaculation exercises so that you can last longer in bed? Keep reading and find out...

   As you have already seen, kegels can be practiced at any time of the day and practically anywhere without anyone noticing a thing. What does this mean? It simply means that you can set up your own personal routine and stick to it as per your convenience.

   The best thing about these premature ejaculation exercises is that you do not have to invest a lot of time or buy expensive equipment for it or even hire a trainer.

   Here are some of the best times and places you can practice these exercises to help you last longer in bed:

      Scenario #1:- When You Are Traveling This is the best part of the day to do your routine. Think about it - you travel to work every day. So, it is an established part of your routine. You can practice the workout while going to work or coming back from it. You do not need to worry about not having time for it. Isn't that great?

      Scenario #2:- Going To Bed When you are doing these routines, it is essential that you focus on things that do not distract you from the exercise. So, another great time of the day to perform these routine is just before going to sleep.
   You are at your most relaxed state and do not have a dozen things weighing on your mind. Do these premature ejaculation exercises about 20 minutes before you normally hit the bed. This is more than enough time to get it going every day.

      Scenario #3:- In The Washroom Once again, this is something that is already built into your day (or should be at any rate). You can practice these "how to last longer in bed kegel exercises" every day in the toilet or washroom, even a public one.

      Scenario #4:- During Masturbation or Afterwards This is probably one of the best times for your Kegels. When you do the premature ejaculation exercises after an ejaculation, you will make the exercise more effective and strengthen your pelvic muscles even more.

   Another advantage is that when you are pleasing yourself, you have quite a fair bit of time on hand, so you are usually more relaxed. Also you’ll find it easier to manage your arousal because you don't have to think about someone else's pleasures!

  There you have them. Some of the most convenient times of the day that you can practice these " how to last longer in bed exercises for men ". So no more excuses for not getting enough time to strengthen your pelvic muscles... and lasting longer in bed!


Now That You've Toughened
Your PC Muscles, What's NEXT?

   That’s another good question. Once you've gained greater control over your PC muscles, you can use them in two ways to prevent yourself from ejaculating too soon during real sex

      Techniques #1:- Muscles Relaxation This is one of the most effective ways to improve your sexual stamina and last longer. And it's dead simple to do.

   Whenever you feel these muscles contract involuntarily when an orgasm approaches, Just keep these muscles completely relaxed, akin to letting yourself urinate, and you will NOT ejaculate. (But fear not. When you are sexually aroused, you are unlikely to pee even with a full bladder) . Once you have relaxed the muscles for some time, continue intercourse.

   Usually the first few times you might find it hard to achieve that required relaxation state. But if your PC muscles are strong enough, this should be a walk in the park.

   And that’s why you need a little more practice on your own for you to significantly toughen them up… and get this right in bed. Also focus on your breathing and keep your mind in a relaxed state and you will find yourself gaining superior endurance in no time.

      Technique #2:- Muscle Contraction- Clamp Down On the "Love Muscles" This is more advanced and the exact opposite of the first technique. Here’s how you do it… When you feel close to an orgasm, you need to firmly contract (or squeeze) your pelvic muscles as hard as you can. It is akin to stopping the urine flow midway - you will also feel like your bowels are contracting.

   When you push down on these muscles, you’ll feel your sexual arousal lessening off. Hold this position for around 5 seconds and then relax. This will take the excess pressure off you. Once you feel sufficiently in control again, you can resume intercourse.

      Technique #3:- Perineum Pressure This is just a variation of the above muscle contraction technique. You might not know this, but there’s a small area between the anus and the testes called the perineum. It feels like a small dimple.
   When you feel intensely aroused during sex and sense an orgasm approaching, firmly press down on this spot and hold it there. It will not be long before you feel the desire to orgasm subsiding. Then resume with intercourse again…

  Of course, when you practice these exercises to stop premature ejaculation with your woman during sex, she might feel frustrated with the constant starting and stopping. It's part of the learning process until you get things right.
   And when you finally have enough control and give her a few good orgasms during intercourse, she'll be more than happy to have been frustrated a few times during those "practice rounds"!


One Key Tip: Relaxation is the KEY to lasting longer, so practice with technique #1 first... and perfect it!

In Summary...

   Remember, a very important factor of lasting as long as you want rests on how well you can control your pelvic muscles. Simply put. Weak pelvic muscles will not respond that well to the squeezes (contractions) and releases (relaxations) that you do.

   To effectively pull this off, your muscles need to be strong. And that’s why you need to practice these Kegel premature ejaculation exercises as part of your daily routine.

   Now here’s the thing. With enough practice, you’ll experience multiple climaxes WITHOUT ejaculating. This is what multi-orgasmic men are capable of! And the great thing is, because you have repeatedly delayed your orgasm, when it finally comes, you will experience an exhilarating euphoria enveloping your body.

   No wonder these Kegel premature ejaculation exercises remains one of the most popular, fast and effective techniques to enhance one's ejaculatory control to last longer in bed.
   And you know what’s even better? They’ll help improve the girth or thickness of your penis too. And YES. These benefits stay with you for a lifetime.

   So if you need BOTH size and endurance (which man doesn't), these premature ejaculation exercises are the perfect "fit", and bring you the best of both worlds...and in a hurry too!

   Now, isn't that something you'd love to have?

   Now come closer and let me let you in on a little secret. What if told you that there's a treasure trove of these exercises to last longer in bed hidden somewhere!. Would you be interested?
   If I was a betting man, I'd say you'd want to check out this complete, step-by-step blueprint to help men permanently end premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.
   Inside, you'll not only find plenty of premature ejaculation exercises, but also incredible techniques that help you overcome performance anxiety, reduce stress, banish negative thoughts, withstand excess stimulation & right masturbation techniques...that teaches you how to develop superior sexual endurance and enjoy transformative sex.

   And by transformative sex I mean the kind of sex that causes your woman to forget all her past lovers and never want to cheat on you, because you satisfy all her sexual and emotional needs. Yes. That kind of sex.

   Now, how would you lOVE that?


P.S. Don't let premature ejaculation rob you of great sex. Premature ejaculation can be avoided, simply by practicing some time-tested, proven premature ejaculation exercises that don't involve any pills, sprays, creams, doctors, sexual therapists or the genuine increase of marketing gimmicks you see these days.

Think about this... let's say you want to have great-looking, well-toned abs. What do you do? You would hit the gym or workout from home, performing lifts and crunches to get those sensational six-packs, don't you?

So just like making any improvements to our bodies, getting better ejaculatory control requires practice. What about the amount of practice you need each day? How about 5 to 10 minutes? Even with a quick and simple 2-minute PC contraction exercise a day, you can see mind-blowing differences in your sexual endurance within a few weeks (sometimes even days). Honestly, that is a drop in the ocean considering the immense benefits you are going to get out of it

Trust me, sooner rather than later, you'll see your sexual confidence soaring through the roof, and easily gain extraordinary stamina to even outlast your woman in bed... giving her intense pleasurable sex that's got her begging you for sex, instead of the other way around.... and I'm pretty sure you won't be complaining about it either.

" Practice Doesn't Make Perfect. Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect "
~ Vince Lombardi ~

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