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Hey Pal,

   Have you tried countless pills, sprays, creams or supplements to cure premature ejaculation, last longer in bed or improve your sexual skills, but you’re still lousy lover?

   Well, it may not be your fault after all. Surprised? Yep. That’s the truth… And there’s a good reason why. Please read the next few sentences to understand why…

   Am sure you’ll agree with me that premature ejaculation is a very sensitive and frustrating personal problem that you just wish would go away as quickly as possible.

   With so much contradicting information on premature ejaculation, it can be very overwhelming, confusing and frustrating to find your best cure for premature ejaculation cure for your case. Overtime, the pressure for you to last longer and satisfy your woman in bed, naturally forces you to look for quick fixes, hoping to cure your early ejaculation overnight.

   You have no idea yet, but most companies are well aware of this, and know you’re desperate enough to fall for any gimmick to regain your control of your sex life. In a bid to cash in on your ejaculation woes, these companies mislead you in two ways.


The Deception

   1.   Before I begin, let me ask you a question. How many times have you come across premature ejaculation cures that claim to be the best, easiest and fastest? I bet numerous times, Right? Some even go as far as claiming that theirs is the “magic pill or cure”, that cures premature ejaculation and boost your sexual stamina, instantly.

   But in all God’s honesty, nothing could be more further from the truth.
   Simply because these premature ejaculation cures do not attack the root cause of your ejaculation. But they are very good at fooling you that they do. How?
   You see, these premature ejaculation cures just suppress the signs of your early ejaculation and pump you up for a little while, giving you the false sense of newly gained sexual endurance, which eventually wears off after sometime.

   They act like painkillers, which just relieve your pain, making you feel a lot better for a little while, but leave the real disease untreated.

   Consequently for you to maintain the ability to last longer in bed, you have to be constantly take or use these products every other time you are about to have sex.
   And guess who is gaining the most from this? Yes, you’ve guessed correctly. Them. You getting hooked on their premature ejaculation cures ensures constant revenue for the manufacturers, while you continue to languish in premature ejaculation captivity.

   It’s a harsh reality, but not all are sympathetic to your problems, some shrewd people just want to make a quick buck out of you.

   2.   Secondly and most importantly, they also lead you to believe that amazing sex is only about curing your premature ejaculation and gaining unbelievable stamina…nothing else. But as you will soon find out for yourself, this is not entirely true. Let me break it down for you…

   I know you know for a fact that for a woman to be fully satisfied with your sex, you have to at least make her to reach climax, right? But did you know that research has revealed that 75% of women don’t reach orgasm at all, through vaginal penetration alone, regardless of how long you last? I bet you didn't. But that's very true...And that’s a huge number of women, don’t you think? Chances are, most of your women fall under this category.

   I can almost hear you asking “But how do I make them climax”. Good question. You are just about to learn some special sexual skills and intimate knowledge of women’s bodies, that you’ll use to stimulate your woman well enough, till she reaches orgasm naturally.

   And you know what else? It’s also a proven fact that when you use these newly gained sexual expertise, you’ll not only make women reach orgasm faster than ever before… but they’ll be more mind-blowing than normal orgasms too.

   Now, based upon the above, do you see why great sex is not all about curing your premature ejaculation and gaining extra ordinary sexual endurance, but also as much about improving your sexual expertise, learning and understanding how a woman’s sexual system works, and using this expert knowledge to deliver any woman to her sex seventh heaven? I bet you do. In other words....

   What I’m telling you is that you need to cover all your bases when it comes to sex, because you don’t know which kind of woman you’ll end up with. You might find one that easily orgasms or you might end up with a stubborn one. In short, sexual skills act like a back up to your improved sexual stamina, just in case your sexual staying power fails to make you satisfy your woman in bed. Got it? Good.

   Unfortunately for you, since most of these companies really committed to improving your sexual life, they ignore this very important fact about sex, and choose only to focus on premature ejaculation in isolation.

   And by doing so, they totally disregard the fact that research has proven that apart from wanting to last longer in bed, men with premature ejaculation are also to learn how to intensify their sexual passion, enrich their sexual skills and generally improve their sex lives.

  It’s sad that in your sincere pursuit of a premature ejaculation cure and a better sex life, you fell victim to deception. But no one can blame you for that, you had to do what you had to do because you just didn’t know any better.

   But now you're about to Know better, and you'll have no excuse after this.

   So sit back, relax and take a deep breath, we are about to begin your journey to sexual freedom, and your ticket to get there is....

Ejaculation By Command
Last longer in bed eBook That Shows You The
Best Ways To Make Yourself Last Longer In Bed &
How to Improve Your Sexual Skills Too

By Lloyd Nester

   Yes, this is your answer

   And just like the name suggests, this premature ejaculation cure will hold you by the hand, and teach you the best techniques to last longer in bed that’ll put you in total control of your ejaculatory system, giving you the luxury of deciding when to cum. Just imagine that? It’s like having a switch that controls you ejaculation. How cool is that?.

   But what the name doesn’t tell you is how this premature ejaculation cure upgrades your sexual abilities, literally transforming you from a rookie to a pro in no time. “Really?”

   Believe me, as you read on, you’ll discover that this premature ejaculation cure has a whole bunch of deadly tips and techniques that’ll help you deliver explosive orgasms to your woman, faster than ever before.
   And even if you don’t have premature ejaculation, the wealth of information you’ll gain here will be very helpful in pumping in some fresh ideas into your sex life, making it more interesting and satisfying.

   And that’s what makes this premature ejaculation cure stand head and shoulders above the rest. It’s sincere commitment to improving your sex life.
   By Not only comprehensively dealing with your premature ejaculation and helping you last longer in bed, but also going the extra mile of revealing to you secrets on how to fulfill a woman’s deepest desires, shaping you up into a well-rounded experienced lover

   Experts agree that this unique and thoughtful quality of ejaculation by command is what sets it worlds apart from other premature ejaculation cures. Don’t believe me? Then just check out the product reviews

   But that's not the only one, here are other distinctive reasons... .


Why Ejaculation by Command

   Here are just a few features that make ejaculation by command your best choice in stopping your premature ejaculation..

   1.   It uses NATURAL techniques to cure premature ejaculation that rely on your body's natural responses to improve your sexual endurance. No need to ingest foreign substances or apply chemicals that may have serious side effects on your body. Thanks to the fact that this premature ejaculation cure harmlessly blends with the normal functioning of your body to naturally enhance your ability to last longer.You’ll actually feel the endurance naturally growing on you, just like a body builder feels and sees his muscles grow. And more importantly, your girl will too.

   2.   The ejaculation by command eBook offers a PERMANENT cure for premature ejaculation. Little by little, as you glance through it, you'll re-train your mind and body on how to eradicate causes of premature ejaculation, and eventually becoming immune to them for good.

   And you know what the best thing is? The sexual endurance and skills you gain will last for life. No more quick fixes that give you temporary stamina that quickly fades away. Just do it once and your sex life changes for the better, forever.

   3.   Like a matador, this premature ejaculation cure takes the bull by the horns by attacking your premature ejaculation at its root cause. No more masking or screening of symptoms of ejaculation or covering up the real cause.

   If premature ejaculation was a tree that you want to destroy, ejaculation by command would attack the roots, while other cures for premature ejaculation would go for the leaves and branches. Which one do you think is more likely to succeed? Got it ? Good.

   4.  No more gambling with your sex life. The tools in ejaculation by command book are tried and proven ways to last longer in bed that work, over and over again. No more trial and error for you. This is because we feel the pain you've gone through as a result of your premature ejaculation, your disappointment in the available treatments so far, and we recognize the need for an immediate premature ejaculation cure to your problem

   So say bye bye trial and error methods and say hallo to effective techniques that you can immediately put into practice and be rest assured and guaranteed of results, rather than hope for them. As soon as you start using this natural premature ejaculation cure, you’ll start experiencing positive results. You’ll add 3 minutes to your sex, then 5… and this motivates you even further and tremendously boosting your confidence.

   4. Without a doubt, ejaculation by command is the only last longer in bed eBook that can boasts of such an extensive resource of sexual improvement bonuses by a mile. Infact, some people agree that the bonuses are so good, you can completely transform your sex life with them alone.They actually get the ejaculation by command package for the bonuses alone. This is even very helpful for people who don’t have premature ejaculation, but just want to enrich their sex life

   Now do you see why this premature ejaculation cure book should be your preferred weapon of choice against premature ejaculation?

   Still not convinced?

   I hope the following puts all your doubts to rest.

How Ejaculation by Command
IMPROVES Your Sex Life

   In summary, this premature ejaculation cure does so by tackling every aspect of your premature ejaculation, while at the same time throwing in some extras in the form of sex positions, techniques, tips and useful advice that makes your sex life more fascinating and fulfilling.

   I know you can't wait to know how, so let's get into the nuts and bolts of how improved you'll be.

   1.   You’ll sexually know yourself better than you thought you did, and gain better control of your sexual emotions. How do you do that? Once you start on this premature ejaculation cure, you’ll begin to understand the sensations your body experiences during sex, the buildup of feelings and emotions just before ejaculation, and how to control them.

   This boosts your ability to withstand excess sensitivity and intense stimulation during intercourse, letting you last longer in bed.

   2.   Be prepared to have a mind of steel that is practically impregnable. Shortly after beginning with this premature ejaculation cure, you’ll learn how to master your mind and develop an iron-clad mentality that expels any negative thoughts, allowing you to be calm and relaxed during sex.

   This greatly reduces your stress and anxiety levels, giving you a massive boost of control during sex.

   3.   How about having a penis that is bolder, stronger and more erect? Wouldn’t you just love that? As you go deeper into the ejaculation by command, you'll learn specific exercises that toughen your pelvic muscles, making them strong enough to hold off any impending ejaculation for as long as you want.

   These well-toned pelvic muscles give you harder, longer and more powerful erections. You'll actually learn how to last longer in bed and stay hard. Believe you me she’ll definitely feel you inside her.

   4.   Get excited because after you are through with this premature ejaculation cure, you’ll have gained special sexual skills that 98% of other men don’t have. By that I mean you’ll learn various techniques and best sex positions to last longer in bed that not only help you boost your sexual stamina, but also allows you to please her in ways that she never thought she could be pleased.

   You'll know what technique or position to use, when and how to apply them. This gives you a lot of variety in bed, always making the sex adventurous... spicing up your sex life even more.

   5.   Know your woman better than she knows herself and use that to your advantage. Almost immediately after starting up with ejaculation by command, you’ll learn some very important insights about a woman’s body, her sexual nature and how she reacts to sexual stimuli.

   This information is priceless in helping you understand a woman’s sexual wants and how to always satisfy them. She'll be surprised and impressed by how you naturally know where her hot buttons are, how and when to stimulate them.

   Armed with this seldom known info, you can easily and quickly make her climax... and remember, the faster she climaxes, the greater are your chances of lasting longer in bed.

   6.   Embrace the Paradigm Shift - Let me ask you a question. Don't you feel bad when you come early? Doesn't that put you off and kill your enthusiasm of having sex, for fear that you will ejaculate early, once again? Well, that's the problem right there.

   It's been proven that the way you handle the aftermath of an early climax can significantly affect your future performance. But not anymore, ejaculation by command will show you how to have the right attitude and mindset helps you adopt a confident, relaxed approach even if you come quickly (We all have bad days, this is just one of them).

   Think of Ejaculation by Command as your little cheat book that always keeps you one step ahead of her in sex. So…

What Should You Expect To Find In Ejaculation By Command?

   Just take a look at what’s inside ejaculation By Command…

  1. Quick and Easy relaxation techniques to last longer in bed that will calm your nerves and free you of any sabotaging thoughts. This gives you tremendous control during sex... allowing you to extend you time in bed. (Imagine making love to your woman in “cruise control or auto pilot” mode?)
  2. Electrifying foreplay tips that dramatically lowers her climax threshold and sets her up for explosive orgasms… time and time again. (Once you master these techniques, You’ll always satisfy her in bed, even if you last 10 seconds inside her)
  3. Common and easy to find foods that will increase your sexual appetite and improve your staying power in bed. You'll never have to wonder what to eat to last longer in bed anymore. (Just think about it like this. During your day to day normal eating, you’ll still be improving your sexual stamina without you knowing.)
  4. Powerful breathing exercises to last longer in bed & strategies that will amplify your staying power and prolong your orgasm for as long as you want. (Professional athletes appreciate the importance of proper breathing in building their endurance. And just like them, you’ll learn how to synchronize your breathing and lovemaking to a perfect harmony, and impressively boost your sexual stamina )
  5. Timeless arousal control techniques to last longer in bed that will turbocharge your ability to withstand intense levels of sexual arousal.(I don’t care if you are having hot steamy sex with the sexiest and most experienced chick in the planet, you’ll still have your “arousal under control” cap on )
  6. Specific targeted exercises to last longer in bed that strengthen your love muscles… giving rise to longer and harder erections( You don’t have to worry about loosing your erection when you're in the heat of the moment)
  7. Invaluable techniques on how to master your mind, have iron-clad sexual confidence and completely wipe out any sexual or performance anxiety.(A Stress free mind leads to carefree sex… long lasting fulfilling sex)
  8. Amazing Sex positions to last longer in bed that will keep you from coming quickly,(but do the exact opposite to women), by INSTANTLY getting a woman aroused to her tip-over point of her pleasures… Where she can’t take it anymore. (The sexual pleasure will be too sweet to bear. She’ll actually try to push you off her, before she passes out that is).
  9. Privileged insider knowledge on a woman’s sexual anatomy and sexual responses that guarantees she’ll always orgasm before you. (Tips from a female sex expert’s mouth herself. Like they say… “Set a thief to catch a thief”).

Imagine, YOU...

   --> Having superman like sexual endurance to last as long as you want in bed, with any woman out there!! No more one minute performances. You’ll be transformed to the marathon man.

   --> Possessing Kamasutra like sexual skills that give any woman an unforgettable sexual experience. No more one dimensional sex. Let's just say it'll be something similar to gymnastics in bed.

   --> Having that irresistible sexual-confidence that attracts women like a magnet. Like a moth to a flame, ladies will find you irresistible. It’s almost like you have a sex charm or some voodoo that keeps ladies coming to you.

   --> Being the envy of your friends.Don't think that your impressive run with the ladies will go unnoticed, soon you'll be the talk of the town, and your friends will be like. “Is that really the Joe we know? How does he always do that?” Be sure to tell them why.

Yes, this is not a dream. You can be all the above and YOU WILL. Many men who believed in EJACULATION BY COMMAND have turned around a lifetime of continuous shame and embarrassment from premature ejaculation, to that of total sexual fulfillment. And so can YOU

What do you have to loose? Nothing. Completely nothing.

What do you have to gain? Everything that makes you feel good about yourself... Self Confidence, Pride, Respect, High Self Esteem, Blissful Relationships, sense of worthiness... you name it.

But don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. After all, what if it really works for you?

P.S. Please remember... you can completely reverse the pain and
embarrassment of early ejaculation. All you need is a desire to
make things happen (which I know you have, otherwise you wouldn't be here), and a proven blueprint that you can follow. And here's one that will never ever let you down: EJACULATION BY COMMAND

" Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic. "
~Author Unknown~

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