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   Did you know what exactly regulates your ejaculatory functions? I’ll tell you. There is a specific set of muscles in your pelvis area called the pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle) that controls how soon you climax during sex.

   Naturally, a man's ability to last longer in bed very much depends on the strength of the PC muscle. A strong PC muscle means better control over your ejaculation and therefore an improved sexual stamina.

   Unfortunately, most guys repeatedly climax too fast due to weak PC muscles. The deal is, these weak pelvic muscles are not strong enough to hold off an incoming ejaculation and will generally trigger involuntary muscular contractions when an orgasm nears, making you cum even quicker.

   But the great thing is, there are simple pelvic floor exercises for men called Kegels

What Are Kegel Exercises?

   Kegel - named after the person who invented them, Arnold H. Kegel - is one well-known pelvic floor exercises that many men are practicing to strengthen and tone up the "love muscles" in the pelvis area.

   This greatly improves ejaculatory control and as a result, helps stop premature ejaculation and enables men to last longer sexually.

   And they are simple to do. According to kegel exercise wikipedia, this routine basically requires you to repeatedly squeeze and release your PC muscle (also referred to as the the "kegel muscles"). (More details on this later on)

   But what are the origins of the kegels exercises? You’ll be surprised...

Incontinence And Kegel Exercises

   What would you say if I told you that Kegel exercises were originally designed to help pregnant women strengthen ( and gain better control over) their pelvic muscles after childbirth?

   Yeah that’s right.

   You see during labor, the pelvic floor muscles are usually overstretched and bruised as a result of allowing the baby’s head to pass through the vagina.
   As a result of the weak and loose pelvic muscles, women develop a condition called incontinence, which is basically having little or no control over their excretory functions (urination & defecation).

   Now that’s where pelvic floor exercises comes to the rescue by not only strengthening and healing these muscles for better control of their excretory functions, but also improving the circulation of blood and oxygen to these vital areas.

   But it also turned out that these pelvic floor exercises have immeasurable benefits for men too.

   Check them out....

Kegel Exercises Benefits
"Importance Of Kegel Exercises"

   You see, these pelvic floor exercises are meant to strengthen the pelvic muscles in both men and women, giving rise to a rock hard, stronger PC muscle. And for men, a strong PC muscle helps regulate ejaculatory control and improve your sexual staying power in bed.

   But apart from that, there are other amazing kegel exercises for men benefits that come your way.

   Get a load of this...

   Kegels are also great for improving blood flow to the penis giving you stronger, harder erections and more fulfilling male orgasms!

   Even better, this pelvic floor exercises for men comes with a bonus package. Get this. They are also known to help increase the girth or thickness of your penis.

   And YES. These benefits stay with you for a lifetime.

   So if you need BOTH size and sexual endurance, these pelvic floor exercises are the perfect "fit", and bring you the best of both worlds...and in a hurry too!

   Now how would you love that?

Who Benefits The Most From Kegels ?

   Most experts agree that young and sexually inexperienced men will benefit the most from Kegel exercises for men. Since these men do not have a good understanding of their sexual arousal cycle , they will most likely have an ejaculation sooner than they want to.

   But in general, pelvic floor exercises are perfect in helping anyone regain control of their ejaculation.

What Does A Strong PC Muscle Do ?
"Kegel Exercises And Premature Ejaculation"

   Do you notice how the muscles in your buttocks, abs, thighs and pelvis begin to tighten and feel tensed as you approach an orgasm?

   Simply put, strengthening the male PC muscle by doing kegels gives you the natural ability to control these core muscles and completely RELAX them at WILL during sex.
   As you’ll soon realize, when these muscles are relaxed - with NO strain or stress within them- they won’t succumb to any involuntary contractions... Meaning there’s no way ejaculation will occur.

   And that’s the whole point of practicing Kegel exercises for men - to get yourself accustomed to the sensation of your PC muscle being contracted or relaxed, so that you can gain greater control and keep them relaxed for as long as you desire...and last as long as you want in bed.

Do Kegels Require A Lot Of Time To Do ?

   Not really. You see these Kegel exercises for men are not physical workouts that involve long hours of exercising. They are just simple pelvic floor exercises that basically require you to contract and release your PC muscle repeatedly for 3 to 5 minutes a day - without breaking a sweat.

   Honestly, how hard can that be?

Is There A Specific Time To Do Kegels?

   The best thing about Kegel exercises for men is that there is absolutely no fixed timing to perform them. As you’ll soon see, most of these premature ejaculation exercises are inconspicuous enough to be practiced at any time of the day and anywhere.

   Like in the office, driving or commuting, at home watching television… or even right now while you are reading this!... Reason being that it doesn’t require you to handle your penis.

   But if you wish to permanently cure premature ejaculation, you should set aside dedicated time every day to practice these Kegel exercises for men.

   So what are…

The Best Places & Time To Do Kegels?
"When To Do Kegel Exercises"

   Here's when and when you can practice these kegels for men to help you last longer in bed:

   Scenario #1:- When You Are Traveling. This is the best part of the day to exercise kegels. Think about it - you travel to work every day. So, it's an established part of your routine. You can be doing PC muscle exercises while going to work or coming back from it. You don't need to worry about not having time for it. Isn't that great?

   Scenario #2:- Going To Bed When you are doing these routines, it's essential that you focus on things that don't distract you from the exercise. So, another great time of the day to perform male PC muscle exercises is just before going to sleep.

   You are at your most relaxed state and don't have a dozen things weighing on your mind. Do this pelvic floor muscle exercise about 20 minutes before you normally hit the bed. This is more than enough time to get it going every day.

   Scenario #3:- In The Washroom. Once again, this is something that is already built into your day (or should be at any rate). You can practice these "how to last longer in bed kegel exercises" every day in the toilet or washroom, even a public one.

   Scenario #4:- During Masturbation or Afterwards. This is probably one of the best times for your Kegels. When you do these exercises for premature ejaculation after an ejaculation, you'll make the exercise more effective and build a stronger PC muscle block.

   Another advantage is that when you are pleasing yourself, you have quite a fair bit of time on your hands, so you are usually more relaxed. Also you’ll find it easier to manage your arousal because you don't have to think about someone Else's pleasures!

  There you have them. Some of the most convenient times of the day that you can practice these " how to last longer in bed exercises for men ". So no more excuses for not getting enough time to strengthen your pelvic muscles... and lasting longer in bed!


How To Do Kegel Exercises For Men
"Instructions For Kegel Exercises"

   Kegels basically requires you to squeeze or contract your PC muscles and then release or relax them.

   But most importantly, you need to know the gentle variations to how kegel exercises are done - like the right manner and right frequency to do them. Otherwise, you might work PC muscles the wrong way and end up ejaculation even quicker than before.

   So here's the right way to perform these basic kegel exercises that'll NOT ONLY hand you complete control over your ejaculation, but also a stronger and firmer penis that's a favorite with the ladies... Not to mention the mind blowing orgasms that you'll deliver


P.S. Kegel exercises for men is a purely natural solution that doesn't involve any pills, sprays, creams or the veritable avalanche of marketing gimmicks you see these days.

And the results are nothing short of a miracle in improving your sexual endurance and increasing the size of your penis too.

I got to say, "this has got "amazing sex" written all over it."

Check them out here for free >>> kegel exercises for men

Honestly, what have you got loose?

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