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My Dear Friend,

   In the next 5 seconds, I'm going to show you what you can do to last longer in bed TONIGHT. But whenever you have the time, it's always best to learn how to stop premature ejaculation permanently and last longer for the rest of your life.

   However, if that woman you want to impress has hinted that tonight is the night for her, you do not want to waste time strengthening your penile muscles overnight!

   What you need are "emergency" techniques you can use to last longer in bed tonight. Well, they may not be fool proof or guaranteed to last - but I am sure you will not complain if your lady is just around the corner!

   " I Want To Know About the Temporary Solutions Now "

   Okay, if you need a temporary quick fix to last longer in bed tonight, here are 4 things you can do. ...

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#1- Get Yourself "Unloaded

   If you still have time before she arrives, masturbate an hour or two before you have sex. This first climax desensitizes your penis glans, reduces your sexual tension and makes your mind and body less edgy or responsive when you make out.

   Of course you'll still feel the sensations during intercourse, but the prior release of semen will make sure that your penis can withstand intense sexual stimulation for longer, without ejaculating. You can easily last 2 or 3 times longer this way. (Think about that one!)

   This technique is definitely worth trying. It's worked great for me so far.

#2- Grind It Out

   If you didn’t know, the underside of your penis glans, which looks like an inverted “V”, is the most sensitive part of your penis. Unfortunately, by virtue of its location, it’s the part that receives the most stimulation during the normal in and out thrusting that most men are guilty off. And that is a sure-fire way to climax in double quick time!

   Instead of thrusting in and out, try moving your hips in a circular grinding motion, (like a whirlpool), and alternate the depth of penetration.
   Little by little, you’ll begin to feel less and less stimulation on the most sensitive and highly-aroused parts of your penis and give you better ejaculatory control.

   Besides, women love these spiral grinding motions because they give them more clitoral stimulation than the normal in and out dipping, bringing them closer to that Big O.

   You owe it to her to try it out tonight.

#3- Put On Some Protection

   Well, this is almost too simple but honestly not many guys pay heed to this useful trick. If your penis tends to get overly sensitive during sex, putting on a thicker condom can be very effective in helping you last longer in bed tonight.

   A condom reduces the sensations you feel during intercourse. It keeps a lid on your arousal and prevents it from surging too quickly. If you want to spice things up a little in the bedroom, there are some clever novelty condoms on the market that have special ingredients (numbing gel inside) to help you improve your stamina.

   Don’t worry. There is little chance your girl will find out because they are inside the condom. It will let you enjoy intercourse fully, but will not make you ejaculate too quickly, because they provide you with just that numbing experience you need!

   Talk about a godsend!

#4- Lube It Up

   You can't go wrong with this! Many guys experience an early orgasm due to excessive stimulation to the penis glans. If you need an instant boost to your endurance (say, tonight), try adding more lubrication to your genitals and hers.

   With all the slippery stuff going on, your penis will slide in and out of her vagina with much lesser friction and hence reduces much of the penile stimulation.

   But what’s more, she will love the feel especially if she has a naturally tight vagina or a dry one. While this is a "last ditch" technique on how to last longer tonight, it can be extremely helpful and add at least a few more minutes to your lovemaking!. Remember, In sex, every minute counts.

   You be the judge of this.

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