Importance Of Foreplay In Helping YOU Give Women Unforgettable Sex (Your Sexual Stamina DOESN'T Matter Here)

How Foreplay Before Sex Helps You "Cheat" Premature Ejaculation

"Learn The Little-Known Importance Of Foreplay For Women, & How You Can Use Foreplay To "Dodge" Premature Ejaculation, & Give Women The Most Sensational, Memorable & Satisfying Sexual Experiences Imaginable"

" By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail
~ Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) ~

In Summary...

  • The best way to Pleasure and Satisfy ANY woman in bed is to make her CLIMAX. The more she orgasms, the better lover you are.
  • Sex involves Foreplay and Sexual intercourse(penetration). How long you spend on each of them determines whether your woman will climax or not.
  • 90% of women never reach climax through sexual penetration, no matter how long you last.
  • 2 out of 5 men can't last long enough during penetration to make their lovers orgasm.
  • Foreplay is the key to making ANY woman reach climax FIRST, before you do. The longer it is, the faster she cums.

   Hey Pal!,

   Ask any woman out there, and she’ll swear to the fact that making a woman orgasm during sex is considered to be the ultimate and true measure of having pleasured and satisfied her in the best way IMAGINABLE.

   And this sexual peak for women is what you should strive to make your lover experience, if you're really serious and sincere about giving her the time of her life in bed. And you are, right?

   You see it doesn't matter how many kamustra sex positions and stunts you pull in bed. If all that doesn't make her climax, you'll still fall short, like 90% of the other men before you. Sorry. It's just as simple as that. Damn, all that effort and no cigar?

   In a few seconds I'll tell you of a proven way that easily gets your woman to this sexual pinnacle, but majority of men are stuck with this misconception that sexual intercourse - using your penis - is the ONLY way to arouse and make a woman climax in bed.
   And this would explain why most of them rush into penetrating thrusting mode as soon as sex begins.

   But here's " a little reality " that men tend to overlook.

   40% of men cannot last long enough in bed to make their women orgasm, and they usually end up reaching climax BEFORE their lovers do, which unfortunately for the ladies, signals the end of sex, (for the man at least).


   Not to blame men, but every man knows that once you climax your penis loses erection, making it almost impossible to continue having sex. Not only that, but the urge and motivation to continue having sex dies off once you climax, because you are sexually content.

   So where does this leave your wife or girlfriend?

   Sexually UNSATISFIED & FRUSTRATED, to say the least. And let's face it. If you are not giving your woman the kind of pleasure she needs (and knows she deserves), she will probably look elsewhere for fulfillment... or at least wonder what it would be like to be with a man who can give her an amazing time in bed. And trust me, she might not have to look for too long.

   But if you read between the lines, overcoming premature ejaculation and satisfying your woman in between the sheets can be a pretty straightforward affair.

   The key is to give your woman an orgasm FIRST, before you climax

   ... because once she climaxes before you, how long you last in bed after that will not matter as much to her as it is for you, because she’s already sexually fulfilled. Do you see the logic? I bet you do.

   So how do you pull this off? Let me school you a lil' bit on this one

   Sex involves two things. FOREPLAY ( or sexual outer course) and SEXUAL INTERCOURSE (penetrative or penile sex). And the degree and length of time you use each of them matters a lot in determining whether you are giving your woman the kind of erotic pleasure and fulfillment she's always been looking for in sex - that toe curling CLIMAX.

So what do you spend more time on? Foreplay or penetrative sex?

   I can see most hands going up for the latter, because most men would rather last long enough during penetration because that seems like the natural and ONLY way to make a woman climax. But reality strikes yet again with this startling revelation...

   ...That Almost 70% of women CANNOT reach climax through penetrative sex, no matter how long you hang in there. (More on this later)

   "Damn, is there any way to please a woman in bed?"

   I'm here to tell you...YES, there is. And lucky for you, it doesn't need you to last long during penetration either.

   The secret, my friend, is FOREPLAY. And lots of it for that matter.

   GREAT LOVERS dig the importance of foreplay, and know that if you really want to give your woman a longer, sensational, satisfying and unforgettable time in bed, foreplay is not only important, but it is indispensable!


   Because proper women foreplay is the key to triggering female orgasms, before you climax. you'll see how in a bit

   But most men don’t see the importance of foreplay or simply ignore it, because they find long foreplay tedious, unnecessary and time consuming, when compared to sexual penetration.
   No wonder the top complaint from women is lack of foreplay during sex or it doesn’t last long enough...

   In fact, 90% of women openly declare that they love plenty of foreplay before sex. But why do women put so much emphasis on the importance of foreplay? Because Women know something that men don't, the importance of foreplay in making them experience sensational orgasms, and having an unimaginable time in bed.

   COME ON, if this doesn’t make you see the importance of foreplay, and why it should be a major part of your game in bed, then I don’t know what else will.

   And if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, you cannot afford to downplay the importance of foreplay. For you, foreplay becomes a MUST DO, because you cannot really depend on your sexual stamina to make her climax.
   Thanks to foreplay, you now have that much needed shortcut to fulfill your lovers innermost sexual desires, without really lasting long in bed.

   But that's not all, let's look at all the COMPELLING reasons as to WHY concentrating on how to foreplay FIRST, (and not jumping straight into sex ) increases your chances of giving your lover that "elusive" orgasm, FIRST.

The Importance Of Foreplay In Helping Men Satisfy Women In Bed, Without Lasting Longer Sexually.

   Let's go over exactly how foreplay helps you banish the stigma of being the "one minute man"...

1. "Warms Up" Your Lover

   Correct me if I’m wrong, but for most men, just the thought of having sex can give them an instant erection. But what most men tend to forget is that this is not the same for women, and that women need to be warmed up properly before sex.


   You see on average, a woman has a sexual arousal cycle of 15 minutes which has to be fulfilled before a climax is even possible. What this means is that she needs at least 10 to 15 minutes of consistent sexual arousal and stimulation for her to reach an orgasm.
   But with 20% to 40% of men ejaculating within 2 minutes into penetration, you can easily see why most men are unable to last long enough for their partners to even warm up sexually.

   That’s where the importance of foreplay come in, because what you do to her before sex becomes necessary to sexually arouse her and get her sexually charged up for intercourse.
   You see simple foreplay acts like kissing, caressing, fondling and teasing are known to awaken and intensify women’s sexual desires, and turn on their wild side, bringing them closer and closer to reaching an orgasm, which makes climaxing for her a lot easier (and quicker) once penetration begins.

   Which is what you want to do, right?

2. Reduces Your Male Sexual Arousal

   This is an obvious and direct importance of foreplay that most men don't see. Focusing on giving her the pleasure she deserves FIRST goes a long way in keeping your sexual arousal under control and prevents you from reaching the point of no return quickly.

   Let me explain...

   You see when you go thrusting vigorously the moment sex begins, the sensitive nerves on your penis glans becomes stimulated too much too soon, causing an early ejaculation.

   But when you concentrate on giving her pleasure FIRST, you are not receiving any sexual stimulation, and thus your arousal remains at low manageable levels.
   So rather than jump straight into intercourse, concentrate on "foreplaying" her first. Take things in a slow teasing manner and enjoy the kind of foreplay that will bring your woman to a sensuous and erotic climax. This will keep you in control and allow your sex to last longer, making you a much better lover in bed.

3. Increases Her Sexual Anticipation

   A proper dose of mental and physical foreplay can intensify your lover’s anticipation for sex to a near climax, making her climax almost immediately penetration begins.

   Great lovers know this importance of foreplay, and that’s why they start emotionally teasing their lovers well before their sexual encounter (by sending her seductive texts, flirting with her on the phone while she’s at work or hinting on what you are going to do to her),....

   ... and when they meet up, they double up the act with some physical foreplay like sexily undressing and caressing her, while giving special attention to her hot buttons.

   This greatly builds up a sense of anticipation and sexual excitement in her mind that makes her hungrily look forward to having sex with you, which significantly increases her chances of reaching an orgasm sooner.

4. Make Sex Last Longer

   Now listen closely to this importance of foreplay. Most men mistakenly think that lasting longer in bed means lasting longer while penetrating her. But if you remember, most men don't last long enough to make women orgasm and also penetration doesn't do it for the majority of women.

   If you want your lovemaking session to last, long foreplay, rather than sex, is the way to go bro. By now you already know that jumping straight into intercourse will only last a couple of minutes, leaving your woman sexually frustrated.

   But spending more time on her before sex – through kissing, caressing, massaging, teasing and heavy petting her from head to toe – not only extends your sexual encounter, but also keeps your woman constantly aroused for longer, making it easier for her to climax.

   And since you are not relying on your prized manhood to stimulate her, you’ll be staying away from direct sexual stimulation on your penis, which improves your chances of lasting a lot longer in bed too.

   This way, sex, which was previously a short-lived adventure, becomes a long transformative and exciting experience for both you and your lover.
   This is how Olympian lovers take advantage of this importance of foreplay, and use slow long foreplay to last all night long making sweet and pleasurable love to their lucky partners.

  You should borrow a leaf out of their book too.

5. "READIES" Her Body For Penetration

   The importance of foreplay here is that it plays a physical and emotional role in helping prepare both her mind and body for sexual penetration. Unlike men, who only need the slightest persuasion to be up and ready for sex, women need a lot of things to be in harmony FIRST for them to be ready to be entered and ensure a comfortable and pleasurable sexual intercourse.

   And here’s why?

   You see when a woman is not sexually aroused; her vagina is usually dry and shrinks down to almost its original size. So jumping straight into relentless penetration can be painful and uncomfortable for her because of the friction produced due to the tightness and lack of lubrication of her vagina.

   But when you properly stimulate and arouse her using the right foreplay techniques, – (e.g. oral sex, finger fucking or seductive dirty talk etc.)- , her clitoris becomes erect - (yes, it's her penis), her pelvic and vagina muscles loosens up and makes room for you, and her vagina also produces its own natural lubricant in preparation for sexual intercourse.

   These "curtain-raiser events" ensure that sex is more comfortable, smoother and enjoyable for her, which are the right catalysts for her to reach climax sooner rather than later.

6. Lowers Her Orgasmic Threshold

   Some say it’s cheating, but I say the end importance of foreplay in this case justifies the means. And if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, this importance of foreplay becomes even more important.

   The KEY to turning around your lack of sexual stamina is to lower her orgasmic threshold. And the logic is simple. It does not make sense for you to go on for hours if you cannot get her to orgasm. It can even cause great discomfort when her vagina becomes dry from all that thrusting.

   The trick lies in using the right foreplay techniques to reduce the amount of time needed for her to acquire orgasm through penetrative sex, and as a result, the time required for you to last during intercourse will be considerably shortened too.

   Just think about it, if you can lower her orgasmic threshold and make her climax within 2 to 5 minutes of penetration, it means you only need to last just a couple of minutes - instead of the 15 minutes on average needed to make a woman climax! Are you excited already? Because I am.

   So a good dose of teasing, caressing, heightening a woman’s sexual anticipation, verbal seduction and clitoral stimulation (oral sex or fingering her) goes a long way in priming her mind and body for an easy and fast climax once sexual intercourse commences.

   So it goes without saying that the MORE TIME you spend stimulating her before intercourse, the more sexually aroused she gets, and the faster she achieves an orgasm when penetration begins.

   And believe me, as long as she gets her climax FIRST, your sexual endurance will be the last thing on her mind.

7. Reduces Your Performance Anxiety

   Here's an importance of foreplay that most guys don't know. Knowing and performing the right foreplay techniques on your lover can greatly reduce your sexual performance anxiety, consequently making you last a lot longer in bed.

   How? You ask.

   Because when you see your woman moaning and groaning in pleasure, and clearly enjoying the moment, something magical happens. You tend to relax and gain confidence in knowing that you are doing right things to please her, without even using your penis to do it. And this lifts a lot of burden and performance anxiety off your shoulders and you’ll no longer feel the pressure to perform.

   And since performance stress and anxiety are two key factors of premature ejaculation, getting these out of the way can only mean better sexual endurance and sex for you, which ensures that your lover gets the wildest time in bed possible!

8. Relieves Stress & Tension

   When your woman is stressed and tensed up, it might take her forever to get in the mood for sex, let alone climax.

   But the importance of foreplay here is that the right foreplay techniques, like teasing, slow rubs, touches and body massages, helps keep her body relaxed and less tense, making it easier for her to enjoy lovemaking and climax quicker.

9. Makes Her Feel Desired & Special

   Proper foreplay that involves compliments, kissing, teasing, caressing and adoring each and every inch of a woman’s body leaves her feeling desired and special.

   You see most men either don’t know this importance of foreplay or just ignore the fact that other than boobs and vaginas, women are incredibly blessed with many other erogenous areas on their bodies, (Like the nape of her neck, her ear lobes, behind her ears, the underside of her arms, the sides of her torso, just below her boobs, her lower back, and inner thighs)

   So to most men the idea of foreplay is going straight to these two jackpot areas, which is not bad, but it should come at the right time, because sometimes women feel may feel a little bit rushed and it obviously shows that you are only interested in sex and not her sexual fulfillment at all.

   What she wants is for you to recognize this importance of foreplay, and enjoy her whole body, without the pressure to engage in intercourse right away. She wants to feel truly wanted, and also feel that every other part of her body means something to you, and not just her pussy and boobs alone, like other men before you did.

   This is your chance to set yourself miles apart from other narrow minded men that don’t know this importance of foreplay yet, and focus your foreplay entirely on her whole body because every inch on her body can invoke intense pleasurable sensations in her mind and body.

   Give her one of those whole body massages; compliment her on how beautiful and arousing her not-so-much-complimented body parts are (e.g. inner thighs, her back or underside of her arms) and just make love to her whole body.

   Your key take away is this. One of the most valuable importance of foreplay for women is for guys to learn how to pleasure the female body as a WHOLE, without discriminating or belittling others, because this makes women feel wanted, appreciated, desired and special, which in turn primes a woman for quick and very powerful orgasms!

11. Satisfys Her Unique Sexual Desires

   Learning and understanding her sexual preferences and paying attention to them FIRST before engaging in intercourse, goes a long way in showing her that you have her best sexual interests at heart, not to mention that “her likes and favorite spots” are the ones that will turn her on faster and give her the most sexual stimulation necessary to bring about a climax.

   So give your woman customized foreplay. Take care of her unique sexual needs FIRST. If she loves plenty of oral sex, - like 90% of women do - , then give her that! By giving her the things she wants, she’ll get her highly aroused and stimulated, that when you do move into intercourse stage, she will be so turned on that getting her to achieve an orgasm will be much easier.

   Once in a while you might come across a bossy lady in the bedroom, that likes to be in control and dictate proceedings. Likes telling you what she likes and how she like it done to her.
   My friend, just shut up and do as she says to the best of your abilities. She's the general and you are the soldier. Yours is just to follow orders, no questions asked.

   Always remember. This is not about you. It’s about her. So don’t be selfish. Get your ego out of the way and respect the importance of foreplay to her by doing what she likes and not what you like and she’ll see through it all and appreciate the time, effort and devotion you’ve shown by pleasing her FIRST and according to her wishes, and reciprocate with a quick climax.

   Who knows, she might return the favor by doing to you a couple of things you like too.

12. Makes Her Achieve Multiple Orgasms

   Blessing your lover with an early orgasm before intercourse, (through oral sex or finger fucking), makes it far easier for her to get to climax again, even multiple times, during intercourse. This is because women tend to stay longer in this “orgasm-receptive-heightened-state-of-arousal-mode”, which makes them vulnerable to subsequent orgasms, and with little effort.

   And if you pull this off, you can finally join the class of the elite few men that can make women achieve multiple-orgasms during actual sex, because they appreciate the importance of foreplay. And when it comes to sex, the more the orgasms, the better.

   And believe me, that will make sex incredible for HER, almost heavenly... and how long you last will NOT really matter to her!


13. Erases Her Sexual Insecurities

   Women are more mindful and self-doubting about their own bodies than anything else in their lives. And when it comes to sex, most women also have numerous issues and worries about themselves too.

   Most are not confident about their own sexuality, and doubt whether they partners find them beautiful, sexy or attractive enough, and often find themselves at the short end of the stick when they compare themselves to the ideal “model” woman. (They got envisaged in their minds.)

   The importance of foreplay here is this. Proper foreplay techniques can give women emotional assurance, boost their self-esteem and make them feel better about themselves, and the better a woman feels about herself during sex, the more relaxed, confidence and easier it is for her to reach climax

   For example... You can have a sincere and loving conversation, and make it clear to her that you want her for more than just sex, that you truly care about her as a whole. Then slow foreplay her right from the start - with kisses, pecks, massages, and slow rubs - on her entire body, while giving her complements on her appearance that reassure her of her own sexuality...

   ...Like telling her how beautiful she is and how you appreciate every inch of her sexy body, and be sure to kiss, caress or playfully tease those parts that you are complementing at that moment. It shows her that you are real and that you mean it, and you not just saying it to please or comfort her.

   This helps a ton in boosting her sexual confidence levels and emotional assurance, and dissolves any insecurities and sexual inhibitions that she might have had about herself, which gives her the much needed boldness and excitement to loosen up and go all out with the foreplay.

14. Makes Sex More Romantic And Intimate

   In this case, the importance of foreplay is that it brings in the romance and intimacy that transforms sex, - from just being a physical act that's needed to satisfy a basic carnal urge, - to LOVE MAKING.

   Romantic foreplay makes you connect and understand each other on a deeper level, making her more receptive and sexually inviting, which makes sex, sorry, lovemaking even more special and fulfilling for her, and for you too.

15. Makes Sex MORE Pleasurable

   I can't stress this importance of foreplay enough. Good sex begins during foreplay. And the best lovers understand the intricacies of using foreplay to NOT ONLY induce a more pleasurable and truly orgasmic experience for women, BUT ALSO significantly improve their endurance in bed and finally banish the embarrassment of being a "minute man.

   By taking advantage of the fact that 80% of women prefer oral sex, fingering techniques and long foreplay than sexual intercourse, you can simply give women sensational clitoral and g-spot orgasms, before you climax which helps you last a lot longer in bed too.

   Using these highly arousing importance of foreplay tips really makes sex more pleasant, satisfying and memorable, putting your game head and shoulders above the rest.

   And guess who she’ll be calling whenever she feels horny? That’s right. YOU.

16. Learning Experience For YOU

   The importance of foreplay is that it gives you the best time to learn and understand how to please and satisfy your partner in bed, because without it, you’ll never know what really turns her on. This is particularly important if it’s the first time you are making love to this woman because you want to figure out how to please her and give her the best time in fast as you can.

   So foreplay is not a time to be shy. It’s a time to experiment, test and explore her body while carefully evaluating her reactions to your moves, and adjusting accordingly. She might moan and urge you on if she likes it, or push your away or become agitated if it doesn’t. If the response is negative, just back up a bit and move on to something else.

   But at the end of the day, it’ll give you a better understanding of what makes her tick, where her hot buttons are and how to push them. And if you do it right, she'll reach new sexual heights and relish stuff she never thought possible. You'll introduce to her a whole bunch of sensations and experiences that she didn't know she could feel.

   So don’t be like most men who don’t ask for directions. Ask her what she likes done to her, and ask for feedback, to see if you are doing it right. She might even teach you how to best please her – without intercourse – so that when you get into thrusting mode, she will be ready for that big O.

   All in all, foreplay gives you the perfect time to learn and perfect on the things and techniques that turn her on because these are the shortcuts to getting her fully and quickly aroused and ready to climax in no time.

   And within no time, this will increase your sexual "competence" and raise your sex game to a whole other new level. This sexual mastery matures you into that confident and experienced well-rounded lover that effortlessly give women explosive orgasms, all the time.

Take Home Lesson?

   Yes it's true that sometimes spontaneous and unplanned sex, with little or no foreplay, can be a thrilling and truly enjoyable experience.

   But in most cases, sex without foreplay is just an emotionless and empty affair. It's just sex to relieve your sexual urge as quickly as possible. And truth be told, it only satisfies the man, and does very little in terms of fulfilling a woman's sexual needs, leaving the woman high and dry.

   No wonder sexual therapists are quick to point out that foreplay is the beginning of the kind of great sex that every woman secretly yearns for. Because unlike men, sex for women is purely a mental affair...

   ...And foreplay is the best way to manipulate a woman's sexual emotions and skyrocket her sexual anticipation and arousal to the moon, giving her passionate breathtaking pleasures that CANNOT be achieved through penetrative sex alone.

   And if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, you have no choice but to acknowledge and embrace the importance of foreplay, because it gives you the ONLY chance on earth to finally save face in front of you lover, and proof to her that you can give her the kind of sex that she's been FANTASIZING about her whole life, but you've been constantly denying her.

   Parting shot:- After reading the above, you cannot ignore the importance of foreplay in fulfilling your lover's deepest sexual desires. So regardless of whether a woman prefers foreplay or not, it's better to have the foreplay tips to give her earth shattering orgasms, and not need them, than need them, and not have them.

   Don't you agree?

P.S. What's the importance of foreplay? Well, just like athletes warm before a competitive event, foreplay gives you the perfect opportunity to warm your lover up and get her supercharged and ready for sexual intercourse, which makes it easier for her to climax when penetration begins. (Every man's dream)

And if she's in really not in the mood for sex, slow foreplay can really work wonders in heightening her sexual emotions to a point she wants to rape you, something not possible were it not for proper foreplay.  Yes. It's happened to me a couple of times, a perfect "let the sleeping dogs lie" scenario.

But most importantly, it's only through foreplay that you can pleasure and satisfy a woman the way a woman wants to be sexually satisfied.

" There Are A Number Of Things That Increase Sexual Arousal, Particularly In Women. Chief Among These Is The Mercedes-benz 380SL
~ Lynn Lavner~

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