How To Stop Premature Ejaculation FOREVER

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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

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   After you read this short article on how to stop premature ejaculation, you’ll certainly feel the confidence and pride that comes in knowing YOU that can definitely last long enough to satisfy any woman, and I mean any woman, in bed. Just imagine how that would make you feel! Obviously Great, Right? So be sure to read it to the end.

   But before I share with you these secrets, I'm sure you'll agree with me that the main reason why premature ejaculation is such a big issue is because most men regularly climax before their lover’s do - leaving women sexually unsatisfied and frustrated.

   If you are one of these guys then I'm sure how to stop premature ejaculation is a priority in your to do list, if not number one.

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   But what most men don't understand is that it's not necessary to last for hours in bed.

   Ideally, you should only last as long as it takes your lover to climax. And science has shown that this can typically be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for the average woman. Beyond that, penetration can be painful as her vagina will dry out from the constant thrusting

   So if you want to keep up with her in bed until you give her that elusive orgasm, see yourself mastering these 5 simple time tested strategies on how to stop premature ejaculation, and you'll never climax before she does.

#1- Extended Foreplay

Discover The Best Foreplay Secrets To Make Her Orgasm Quickly

   Arguably, one of the best tips to stop early ejaculation. Here's why.

   Making sure your lover is sufficiently aroused before penetration can cut down the time she needs to reach orgasm from the usual 5-15 minutes, to just a few minutes.

   Do you see what you've done? You've cleverly used foreplay to bring her climax time closer to your normal range of ejaculation where you can easily finish her off. In fact, some women even reach orgasm through foreplay alone. How about that?

   And as you'll soon realize, being able to make her orgasm this quick greatly lifts the burden of satisfying her off your shoulders, boosts your sexual confidence and helps you relax well enough to enjoy sex for longer.

   So the next time you hit the sack, remember; Simple foreplay acts like seductive talk, playful teasing, prolonged kissing, erotic body massages and caresses can go a long way in reducing her orgasmic resistance, making her easily climax before you do.

   That's what great lovers do.

#2- Sexual Innuendos 

   You want to please and satisfy your woman in bed, right? Then do what she likes, ( not what you want or think she likes).

   You see a lot of men, including the old me, just go about their business in bed expecting or hoping that it'll be enough to make her climax. Most often than not, it doesn't.

   Want my advice? Do your homework.

   Encourage your female partner to share with you what turns her on and what her deepest sexual desires and fantasies are. Why? Because you'll not only connect with her emotionally, (which helps women relax and be easily aroused during sex), but will also give you invaluable tips on what really makes her tick, and gives her a wildest time in bed.

   Those are the things you want to do to her, because those are the things she's telling you will arouse her into an erotic-ready-to-climax-state. It's like she's giving you the code to unlock her orgasm vault. Wouldn't you want that? I'm sure any man who wants to stop ejaculating early would.

   Needless to say, this saves you a lot of time and effort because you'll be doing the right things to make her climax, instead of beating around the bush.

   "I want to stop PE but I'm shy or afraid to ask". I hear YOU. No problem. Just explore her body and be keen to observe how she reacts. Her response will tell you if she enjoys what you are doing to her or not. Take notes.

   Bottom line? Get your ego out of the way and do what she likes, not what you like, and she'll reward you with an early climax.

   The sooner you start on this, the better.

#3- Oral Stimulation

You can't go wrong with this one. Almost 90% of women prefer oral sex to penetrative sex because it's easier for them to climax through oral stimulation than through vaginal sex.

Yes it's true. You see your penis offers very little clitoral stimulation because it misses the clitoris for most of the time you are having sex. This means it'll take longer to make her climax, Or might not even happen at all.

Best Oral Sex Positions To Make Her Orgasm
   But your tongue, which happens to be the strongest muscle in your body, can apply direct and intense stimulation to her clitoris, giving her powerful mind-blowing orgasms in no time.

   So if you are prone to ejaculating too early, here's how to stop a PE through oral sex...

   ...Give her some oral stimulation before you start intercourse, or use oral sex as an interlude of sorts during lovemaking to keep your own stimulation in check, while you continue to passionately stimulate her clitoris to a quick explosive orgasm.

   Sounds like a plan? Then go down on her tonight.

#4- Kegel Exercises For Men

   If you didn’t know, your PC muscles (located between your scrotum and anus), controls how long you last during sex. And if they are weak for any reason, premature ejaculation will almost certainly occur.

   Strengthening these muscles by using simple PC muscle workouts (kegels) will enable you to tense or relax them at will; keeping you in control of your ejaculation and making you last as long as you want.

   When I say work outs I don't mean your penis will be lifting weights or anything like that. These PC muscle exercises are extremely easy to do, require very little time and can be performed anywhere without anyone noticing. I'm actually doing them now as we speak.

   And here's a bonus benefit I know you'll like

   These routines are also great for improving blood flow to your penis, giving you stronger, harder, and longer erections too boot. You'd be lying if you said you didn't want that.

   Trust me. Once you learn how to stop premature ejaculation with kegel exercises, you'll feel like a brand new man and your sexual confidence and pride will soar to the roof.

   Can't wait for you to try this one out.

#5- Prolonged Masturbation

   Most men, when young or even still now, are used to masturbating quickly with the aim of just getting off and releasing the sexual tension. Unfortunately, quick masturbation conditions your body to also ejaculate quickly during actual sex.

   Conversely, the opposite is true. If you spend more time when you gratify yourself, you can train your mind and body (penis) to withstand prolonged stimulation without ejaculation.

   And since masturbation is the closest imitation to real sex, prolonging your masturbation sessions will help you tolerate intense sexual stimulation for longer when making love.

   The best thing about extending your masturbation sessions is that you not only only improve your ejaculatory control, but also maximize your self enjoyment too. What a fun way to learn how to stop premature ejaculation? Try it out and see.

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