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{ A Step By Step Guide To Kegel Exercises}

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Hi Buddy!,

   You don't know it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you're going to realize how easily premature ejaculation can become a thing of the past, if you learn to tackle it the right way.

   How? You Ask...

   Just ask any sexual therapist or medical professional dealing with premature ejaculation, and he or she would agree that Kegel exercises is one of the best known and most trusted ways to curb early ejaculation, and last longer during sex without ejaculating.

   You see these exercises are specifically designed to target and strengthen the PC Muscle - a muscle located in your pelvis area that controls how soon you ejaculate during sex.

   The fact is, when this muscle is strong enough, you can control and hold off an ejaculation for as long as you want (or at least until your woman climaxes)

   That's what you want, isn't it?

   Then get over here and listen. This article right here will hold you by the hand and show you exactly how to do Kegel exercises for men... and help you graduate to the elite club of men with sensational sexual stamina.

   But first, you need to locate your PC Muscle (or Kegel Muscle, as some like to call it).

How To Find Your PC Muscle
"Best Way To Locate PC Muscles"

   To pin point this elusive muscle, try stopping your urine midway through the act. You'll feel one muscle - between your testes and your anus - that contracts. That's the PC muscle. And that's what you want to strengthen using the following simple kegel exercises.

How To Do Kegel Exercises For Men
"Kegel Exercises Guide"

   In a nutshell, there are 4 standard pelvic floor muscle exercises you can do. Namely:- clamps, Squeezes, flutters and push outs.
   There are other variations of how to do kegel exercises that you'll learn once you are comfortable with the basics but first....Let's Get The Routine RIGHT

Instructions For Kegel Exercise
"Kegel Exercise Routines For Men"

   Pay Close Attention#:- Before we even begin, here's a crucial tip on how to do kegel exercises the right way. When contracting the PC muscles, the movement should be an upward and inward contraction, like you are lifting your pelvic flow up and down. Got It? Good...

   So here's how kegel exercises should be done.

   Step #1 – Clamping (Fast Contractions): –

   Tighten or clench your pelvic muscles for half a second each “ (as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine) . Practice this in quick succession. Around 50 clamps should be completed in 30 seconds flat. That means you have to do them real fast and strong!

   Step #2 – Squeezing (Slow Contractions): – (A squeeze is just like a clamp that is stretched out for a few seconds longer.)

   After this, you should do 5 squeezes with each lasting 10 seconds , keeping a gap of about 2 seconds between them. So, you should aim to complete a set of 5 within one minute.

   Step #3 – Fluttering : –

   A flutter is just a variation of the clamp. And it’s easy to do too. Simply squeeze your pelvic muscles in a slowly but steadily manner. The ultimate squeeze should be hard, even though you build it up gradually. Hold it for 3-4 seconds, and then relax the muscles slowly in same duration. Do 5 sets of this routine.

   Step #4 – Pushing Out: –

   The push-out is the reverse of the squeeze. In this exercise, you push the PC muscle outwards, as if you were doing a bowel movement. At this stage, you should be doing 2 push outs, each lasting for about 10 seconds. Make sure you put in a gap of 3 seconds between each set.

   Step #5 – Repeat: –

   Do these set of exercises for premature ejaculation for at least 10 minutes every day and increase the duration and repetitions as you go along.

An Advance Kegel Exercise
"Better Kegel Exercises"

   If you are like me and want to take it up another notch, and further strengthen the PC muscle, or simply achieve results faster, you can use this slight variation of how to do kegel exercises that involves touching your genitals.

   1: – For starters, stimulate yourself until you get a full erection

   2: – Then try tensing your penis to make it go up and down, left and right without using your hands (you will actually feel the PC muscle pulsating & tightening)

   3: – You can then try weighing it down by placing a small hand towel near the tip of your penis. Use it like a kegel weight.

   4: – Now try tensing your penis to make the towel move up and down, left and right again. Perform 10 repetitions each day, and slowly increase it 25 repetitions over 2 weeks.

“ When done correctly, this is one of the most effective male kegel exercises you can do. Not to mention the "King-Kong" feeling you get once you see your penis lifting and moving stuff around. It simply does wonders to your sexual confidence... which in turn greatly boosts your sexual stamina. So it's really worth a try, don't you think? "

   NOTE: - No matter where you are start off on how to do kegel exercises routine, make sure you build up your PC muscle slowly. This will prevent unnecessary strain that may occur from working out your muscles too fast, too soon!


How To Do Kegel Exercises Tips

   You don't want to miss this. The following male pelvic floor exercises tips will help you make these male PC muscle exercises even more effective.

   Tip #1 – Focus: – You should pay full attention on how to do kegel exercises. For instance, when you clench or clamp, make sure you really hold the pressure in, to the best of your ability.
   Remember, this will determine how well-toned your PC muscles will become in the long run, so don't go easy on them.

   Tip #2 – Use a Digital Clock/Watch: – When doing PC muscle exercises, keeping your time using a clock or watch is very important. This is because when your muscles feel weaker from doing repeated clenches, you will tend to slow down on these pelvic floor exercises for men.

   This will inevitably make the whole routine less effective. So when practicing how to do kegel exercises, a digital clock or watch will help you time them perfectly.

   Tip #3 – Do them regularly : – Honestly, these kegel routines only work if they are done on a regular basis. To reap maximum kegel exercises benefits, just establish a daily routine and stick to it.

   Tip #4 – Don’t hold your breath : – Try and be as normal as possible when practicing how to do kegel exercises. What do I mean. You can continue talking, walking or doing whatever it is that you were doing, as long as it doesn't interfere with the routines.

   Tip #5 – Check whether you are training the correct muscles : – It's quite obvious that exercising the wrong muscles won’t help. So be checking form time to time if you are training the correct muscles.

   How do you do that? Put your hands on your tummy and ass to make sure you buttocks, thighs and stomach are not moving during the routines. Also don’t squeeze your legs together during the routine.

   Tip #6 – Always do them when you need to : – Truth be told, the best kegel exercises are done when you naturally need to use your PC muscle. Like when changing positions or getting up from a chair. You should squeeze the PC muscle when doing that.

   Also tighten them before you sneeze, cough or laugh, when pulling or pushing stuff around or whenever you need to control your bladder when pressed.

   Tip #7 - Keep On Keeping On : – In reality, the pelvic muscle is like any other muscle in your body. What this means is that you should exercise kegels regularly and consistently for you to see any improvement in your sexual staying power.

Advantages Of Kegel Exercises For Men
"Pros Of Kegel Exercises"

  • They are simple:- Only requires you to contract and relax your pelvic muscles.
  • They require very little time to do:- Utmost 5 – 10 minutes a day.
  • They are cheap:- No need to buy expensive kegel exercise equipment for it or even hire a trainer.
  • They are effective:- They target and work PC muscles directly and are proven to enlarge PC muscles when done correctly.
  • They can be done virtually anywhere: - They are good to go pelvic exercises since they don’t require you to touch your genitals. Meaning you can do these male kegel exercises sitting or standing, or even when lying down.

" How Often Should I Do Kegel Exercises?"
"How Many Kegel Exercises Per Day?"

   For the normal squeezing and relaxing of the mens PC muscle (clamps, squeezes, flutters & push outs), you should do at least 10 repetitions of each a day. But in real essence, the more you can do, the better

   Remember to always take advantage of the times when you naturally need to exercise these PC muscles, like when sneezing, coughing, laughing or getting up a chair.

How Long Do You Have To Do Kegel Exercises?

   For good measure, practice these kegels for men for at least 10 minutes every day and increase the period and repeats as you go along.

How Long Before You See Results?
"Kegel Exercises How Long Before Results?"

   If you practice them faithfully every day, you'll notice a difference after a month to a month and a half. And here's...

How To Know If The Kegels Are Working

   The best way to know this is to test the strength of the PC muscle block by using the stop and start technique while urinating. Simply try to stop the flow of urine midway while peeing.

   If you can stop it completely, well and good. If not, try slowing down the flow of urine is a good start. Perform this test every fortnight and see if the muscles are getting any stronger.

Now That You Have Toughened Your PC Muscles, What's Next?

   Good question. Once you've learnt how to do kegel exercises the right way, you can use these exercise to cure premature ejaculation in two ways, and prevent yourself from ejaculating too soon during sex.

   Technique #1:- Muscles Relaxation. This is one of the most effective ways to improve your sexual stamina and last longer. And it's dead simple to do.

   Whenever you feel your pelvic muscles contract involuntarily when an orgasm approaches, just keep these muscles completely relaxed, akin to letting yourself urinate, and you will NOT ejaculate. “ (But fear not. When you are sexually aroused, you are unlikely to pee even with a full bladder). Once you have relaxed the muscles for some time, continue intercourse.

   The bottom line is this. A strong PC muscle prevent ejaculation easily. And that's why during the first few attempts you might find it hard to achieve that required relaxation state. But if you have strong PC muscles, this should be a walk in the park.
   And that’s why you need a little more practice on your own, on how to do kegel exercises, for you to significantly toughen them up… and get this right in bed.

   Technique #2:- Muscle Contraction. Clamp Down On the "Love Muscles" This is more advanced and the exact opposite of the first technique. It basically involves squeezing PC muscles during sex. When you feel close to an orgasm, squeeze them as hard as you can. It's akin to stopping the urine flow midway - you'll also feel like your bowels are contracting too.

   When you push down on these muscles, you’ll feel your sexual arousal lessening off. Hold this position for around 5 seconds and then relax. This will take the excess pressure off you. Once you feel sufficiently in control again, you can resume intercourse.
   Of course, when you practice these exercises to stop premature ejaculation with your woman during sex, she might feel frustrated with the constant starting and stopping. It's part of the learning process until you get things right.
   The good thing is when you finally have enough control and give her a few stronger orgasms during intercourse, she'll be more than happy to have been frustrated a few times when practicing those exercises to cure premature ejaculation.


   One Key Tip: Relaxation is the KEY to lasting longer, so practice with technique #1 first... and perfect it!

Kegel Exercise Equals Better Sex
"Kegel Exercises For Better Sex"

   Word is bond. With enough practice, you’ll achieve total control of your ejaculation and gain the natural ability to last long enough, while experiencing multiple climaxes WITHOUT ejaculating.

   Don't believe it? You better.

   Because this is what multi-orgasmic men are capable of after mastering these kegels! And the great thing is, because you have repeatedly delayed your orgasm, when it finally comes, it'll be stronger than ever. Believe me, you'll experience an exhilarating euphoria enveloping your body like never before.

   And for your lover it's even better

   You see, as a result of this pelvic floor muscle therapy, you'll not only gain sensational sexual stamina, but also a bigger penis... and stronger, firmer erections.
   And boy when you own these sexual arsenal, you'll be giving your lovers multiple mind blowing orgasms... again and again and again. Simply put, they'll be addicted to your sex, begging for it every chance they get.

   No wonder these Kegel premature ejaculation exercises remains one of the most popular, fast and effective techniques to enhance one's ejaculatory control to last longer in bed, and sex life in general.

   Honestly, perfecting on how to do kegel exercises is your best shot at finally enjoying transformative sex.

   And by transformative sex, I mean the kind of sex that causes your woman to forget all her past lovers and never want to cheat on you, because you satisfy all her deepest sexual needs.

   Yes. That kind of sex.

   Now, which man wouldn't WANT that?


P.S. Let's clear up the basics first. There is NO medication that can help you last longer in bed if your pelvic muscles are weak to begin with. You see, medications and drugs are available but these can only increase and regulate the flow of blood to your genitals.

And if your muscles are weak, you'll only maintain the erection for a short time even with the help of medication. So yes, learning how to do kegel exercises for men is one of the best ways to help you permanently last longer in bed. In fact, Basic kegel exercises are the essential building block that make other techniques (including medication) succeed!

" Practice Doesn't Make Perfect. Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect "
~ Vince Lombardi ~

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