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   Question... Can you learn how to cure premature ejaculation without leaving your home? Can you really enjoy longer-lasting sex without relying on the myriad of pills, sprays and creams that are so prevalent these days?

   Well, if you are not lasting long enough in bed, these are probably questions that you would love to find some answers to.

   But if you are struggling with premature ejaculation, you would be comforted to know that this is a real problem for millions of men around the world.
   And for most of these men, premature ejaculation can be utterly embarrassing, especially when you get off even before your woman has had a chance to warm up to your sex.

   But hey, there is no need to hide your face in shame... because contrary to common believe, you can easily learn how to cure premature ejaculation, and turn around a lifetime of shame, by simply learning the following 4 handy techniques....

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#1- Get It Off Before The Show Starts

   This is an extremely useful tactic. Most guys swear by it. This is what you do: Masturbate an hour or two before you are going to have sex.

   This will "clear your system", release the sexual tension in you and desensitizes your body to the point that you have to work harder, and have sex for much longer before you attain the same pressing urge to ejaculate.

   Works like voodoo for me, and I'm sure it will for you too.


#2- Never Ignore The Build UP

   The truth is, no matter how long you last in bed, there is no way you can pleasure and satisfy your woman without the right foreplay. And if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, this becomes even more important.

   Just think about it - if you can arouse your partner with the right amounts of foreplay, you will actually shorten the time she gets to an orgasm. When that happens, premature ejaculation will take a backseat and how long you last will not matter as much to her as it is for you.

   That's how to cure premature ejaculation the smart way

   Conversely, if your woman is not adequately aroused, there is little chance that she will be sexually fulfilled. So always bear in mind that women are wired differently from men. For men, intercourse is great sex. For women, foreplay is everything else!

   Embrace that, and you'll be ahead of 90% of other men in the game.

#3- Beware Of The Positions

   There is a number of sex positions that will increase pressure on relevant muscle groups and result in faster ejaculation. So if you find yourself spiraling to a climax with a few specific positions, manipulate - or better still - avoid them, so that you don't make an early exit!

   The trick is to try to identify sex positions that will make you last longer, particularly those that require less movement on your part, like the female rider(girl on top), where she does all the work, but you get all the credit, when she climaxes before you.

#4- Natural Conditioning

   Adopting a natural training and conditioning program is the best way to learn how to cure premature ejaculation permanently. Reason being that it addresses the underlying physical and psychological triggers of your early ejaculation tendencies and allows you to develop superiors control over such triggers.

   Although such natural approach is not a quick fix, most guys can experience improvement in their ejaculatory reflexes within 2 to 3 days. But like all things worth doing, the best solution always takes some time and effort.
   But think about it. You want to last longer in bed, not just tonight, or tomorrow night, but forever, don't you?

   Then it is certainly worth every minute of your time to naturally "program" your mind and body to last longer and give your romantic partner the pleasure she deserves... and get the kind of amazing sex you've been yearning for (but never really experienced)!

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