Powerful Foreplay Tips That Give Women FAST & Extreme Orgasms, (Without YOU Lasting Longer In Bed)

Use This Great Foreplay Ideas To Beat Premature Ejaculation

"MEN:- Here's All You Wanted To Know About Foreplay Tips. Like... What Is Foreplay, The Relationship Between Foreplay & Premature Ejaculation, Importance Of Foreplay,Using Foreplay As A Shortcut To Last Longer In Bed & The Best Foreplay Tips To Give Women QUICK HUGE Orgasms"

   Hi There,

   Do you want to give your lover the BEST SEX she's ever had, that satisfies her deepest sexual desires leaving her completely sexually fulfilled, even if you only last 2 minutes in bed?

No. It's not a typo. I really mean 2 minutes.

   There’s an easier, faster and more effective way to give women intense breath taking pleasures in bed and fulfill all their sexual needs, without lasting long in bed. In fact, your sexual stamina doesn’t matter here...

And it’s through good foreplay

   YES. Proper foreplay tips will make your chick quiver in sexual anticipation so bad, that she can even climax before you enter her or within seconds of penetration, without relying on your sexual stamina,(for once.)
   And I'm here today to hold you by the hand and show you how this is possible, and give you all the erotic foreplay tips too.

   But for you to understand how these foreplay tips makes your girlfriend or wife climax speedily, you need to first look at the main culprit as to why men don't satisfy women in bed, the curse in the bedroom called premature ejaculation.

   There are many definitions as to what premature ejaculation is. But the one that most sexual therapists agree on is this:-

Premature ejaculation occurs when you regularly climax BEFORE your lover is sexually satisfied. And by sexually satisfied I mean reaching an orgasm or climax.

   And for sure sex statistics do confirm this fact, revealing that almost all men come to an orgasm during sex, but sadly, only a meager 10%-15% of women climax during intercourse.


Why Do Very FEW Women Climax During Sex, As Compared To Men?

   The answer lies in the difference in the time it takes for both of them to reach orgasm.

   Here's the thing. Most women have a sexual arousal cycle of 15 minutes on average, that needs to be fulfilled before an orgasm is even possible.
   What this means is that you need to continuously arouse and stimulate your woman for at least 10 to 15 minutes for her to be sufficiently turned on to achieve an orgasm. That’s doesn't seem like a big challenge, right?

   But here’s the problem (And a big one for that matter). Sex studies reveal that about 40% of men go from arousal to ejaculation within 2-4 minutes into intercourse. Talk about coming in a hurry.


Why Do Men Climax So Quickly?

   This is because by default, men are pre-conditioned to ejaculate quickly. This is Mother Nature's way of ensuring that men spread their seeds quickly, efficiently and ensure that they multiply in numbers.

   So in short, the need for a man to last long enough to make a woman reach climax goes against the evolutionary process.

   And how times have changed! Instead of having sex just for reproductive purposes, women now look (and crave) for fulfillment and pleasure when they make love. Hence, the longer you are able to last, the greater the chance of inducing an orgasm in her.

   But by just looking at the numbers, you can certainly see how it does not add up! I mean, men on average last 4 minutes, while women need 15 minutes to climax. That's a mismatch. Men are disadvantaged from the word go.
   Which explains why most men GET off even before their lovers get warmed up in bed, leaving so many women FRUSTRATED and UNFULFILLED in between the sheets!

   So the most logical thing to do is to try and last long enough for her to reach climax, and maximize her sexual pleasures. TRUE. Lasting longer will give you a great shot at triggering your lover’s orgasms. But did you know that...

Lasting Longer Doesn't Always Make Women Climax

   That's right. Want proof? How about this. Recent sex surveys reveal that a staggering 70% of women do not get an orgasm from penetrative sex, no matter how long you last. Now that's a shocker right there, but it's very true. Reason being that MOST times sexual intercourse does not offer the sufficient clitoral stimulation needed to bring about an orgasm. More on this later.

   OK. don't get me wrong. It's great to have exceptional sexual stamina. It's an integral part of great lovemaking. But many guys make it to be more important than it really is.
   The simple truth is, you only need to last as long as it takes for her to orgasm, (which can be even 3 minutes, if you do it right). Read that last sentence again. Because this is something that most guys completely miss, but you shouldn't.

   YES. It's a wonderful thing to be able to last for hours. But the fact is having intercourse for more than 15 or 20 minutes can be an uncomfortable and even painful experience for most women, since their vaginas tend to dry up from the constant prolonged thrusting.

   So the question is, what do you do if your lover cannot climax from intercourse, no matter how long last? Well, you just got to do things a little differently.

   Instead of focusing on how to last longer in bed, why don't you...

Lower Her Orgasmic Threshold, So That She Climaxes Quickly

   Think about it. You've just seen that it doesn't make sense to strive to last for hours, because you might still fail to make her climax.

   So what you need to do is cut down the time it takes her to normally reach a climax,(which on average is 15 minutes), and reduce it to just a couple of minutes, within your range, so that as soon as sex begins, she is almost ready to reach climax. Sounds like a good plan right? You bet it is.

   In fact this way, even the "quick-shooting harry", who lasts only 2 minutes in bed, is guaranteed to make ANY woman achieve an orgasm, FAST AND EASY. How about that?

   And how does he do that? Through FOREPLAY

   So let's get right into it...


   Abraham Lincoln once said: - “Give Me Six Hours To Chop Down A Tree, And I’ll Spend The First Four Sharpening The Axe”.

   This also rings true when it comes to sex. Comparing this analogy to foreplay and sex, chopping down a tree is sex, while the sharpening of the axe is foreplay.
   Notice how you spend more time sharpening the axe (foreplay) than chopping down the tree (sex)? That's KEY in making her cum before you do.

   But here's a more accurate definition of foreplay from Wikipedia:- "Foreplay is a set of emotional and physical intimate acts between two or more people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity."
   Basically foreplay are the things you do to a woman before sex, to get her emotionally and physically ready for sex.

   Sadly, most men forego this crucial part of sex and jump straight into intercourse, assuming that women can only get sexual pleasure from penile penetration.
   To be honest, I also think it's an ego thing or a macho thing. You just want to do it the hard way, the manly way, which is pounding her till she climaxes. And that's why YOU and EVERY other man should know the...

Importance Of Foreplay
(To Both You & Her)

   Many men don't know this, but foreplay is the one thing women can’t get enough of. In fact, 90% of women love plenty of foreplay before sex. Wonder why women cherish long foreplay that much? You are about to find out.

   But romantic foreplay tips doesn't benefit her ALONE. You also stand to gain immense benefits by first focusing on her sexual needs and pleasures before rushing into sex, like lasting longer in bed.

   The reality is that foreplay is what's missing in most sexual relationships, but not yours anymore. Because when you learn the following simple foreplay tips, you'll be way better than 90% of men out there that just don't get it.

Free Foreplay Tips For Men
(Foreplay Suggestions For Men)

   Ever wondered how to have foreplay? Well, when you're finished reading these web page, you'll have these incredible foreplay tips at your finger tips...

1. Emotional Connection

   This is one of the most effective foreplay tips to get your girl warmed up before sex, but unfortunately, most men take it too lightly. And here's why you shouldn't make the same mistake...

   We all know that women are emotional beings. But they are even more emotional when it comes to making love. That's why you need to create that emotional connection with her before sex.

   How do you do that?

   Tap into her innermost sexual desires by encouraging her to share her sexual fantasies and the things that turn her on. This shows her that you not only have her best sexual interests at heart, but you genuinely want her to enjoy sex and be satisfied, and you are not just thinking of your own sexual satisfaction.

   The key here is to learn what she likes. Every woman is unique. Each has specific cravings and areas on her body that she desires to be touched. Concentrate on these because those are the ones that have a potential of giving her the wildest time ever.
   Get your ego out of the way and do what she likes, not what you like. Make her feel like it's all about her.

   You may not think that foreplay tips like this one has anything to do with boosting your sexual endurance, but it sure does! Connecting with her emotionally will heighten her sexual anticipation of what's to come, which goes a long way in reducing her orgasmic threshold and prime her for a quick orgasm before you do.

2. Seductive Dirty Talk

   This is one of those foreplay tips that men should use a lot. Why? Because women love seductive dirty talk because they enjoy fantasizing about their sex lives. It's like you are having sex with her brain, (which is her biggest sexual organ by the way).
   So if you do it right, and give her the proper mental stimulation needed, she'll be all over you begging you to take her right there and then. So here’s what you should do…

   Start the dirty talk even before you hit the sack. Send her a sexy email, or even better, text her or call her up while she's at work and tell her something seductive or dirty, something that will make her blush and wet at the same time. I call it kinky foreplay.
   Give her a preview of what you are going to do to her, from beginning to end, and tell it to her in a slow sexy dirty flirty way.

   Be as detailed as possible, like how and where you'll touch and kiss her. This makes her visualize and fantasize every bit about it and leaves her wanting to experience the real thing ASAP.
   Don't be surprised if she knocks off early from work that day. Yes. She want's you that bad.

   And when you meet up, don't stop. Continue applying these seductive foreplay tips. like whispering naughty phrases on her ear. Softly ask her what she wants you to do to her. Let her touch your pants and feel how hard your penis is for her. Tell her you can't help it but be hard when around her
   Let her show your with your hand where she want's to be touched. Sexily ask her how it feels to be touched there. Be adventurous and have fun foreplay with this one.

   Remember, it's mostly not what you say, but how you say it. So speak softly first until you're comfortable with talking out loud. But use your voice and sound in the most arousing way you can.

   These "dirty talk foreplay tips" are known to increase her urge to have sex with you to a point where she literally begs you to do her. Not to mention the explosive crazy orgasms she'll get as a result.

   Be assured of having more sex with her after this. I hope you are ready for it.

 3. Tease her in public

   Ever heard of public display of affection? This is basically teasing her in the open, outside the confines of your bedroom. Not

   This is one of those naughty foreplay tips that's reserved for the carefree, (or drunk), and it’s spontaneous really, and can be done everywhere and anywhere. Examples are...

   ... fondling her breast while waiting in line for a movie, running your hand up her skirt when stuck up in traffic, kissing her passionately while at the bar or spanking her ass when walking in the park. Just try and have some creative foreplay and take any opportunity to turn her on everywhere you are.

   The trick is not to overdo these "public teasing foreplay tips" .

   Just tease her a bit then back off. Not too much to make her feel embarrassed, just enough to raise her arousal and keep her wanting for more. And since sex can’t happen right then, her sexual anticipation just keeps building up.
   So when you do find yourselves in a private place, she’ll literally explode on you because she can’t take it anymore.

4. Set The MOOD Right

   This is one of the most overlooked foreplay tips by men, but it's very crucial. You need to set up a comfortable environment that intensifies her eagerness for sex. Make sure the place is as romantic as possible, pay particular attention to details.

   For example, make sure the room is warm and cozy with lots of fresh air too, keep the lights dimmed a bit, and make sure everything is clean and fresh - from the carpet to the sheets in the bed.

   Want more mood setting foreplay tips?

   Have some slow sexy music playing in the background, spray some erotic aroma in the room or have some strong sexy dominant cologne on. Just do whatever you can to create a sexy, sensuous ambiance in the bedroom

   The net result? These "set the mood right foreplay tips" will send your lover's sexual expectations through the roof and significantly improves her ability to reach an orgasm sooner.

5. Complement & Reassure Her

   Without a doubt, one of the most important foreplay tips for women. Here's why...

   You see, women are more conscious and insecure about their own bodies than us. Most women have certain hang-ups about themselves when it comes to sex.

   They may not feel confident about how their bodies look, how they smell, or they may simply feel insecure about their sexuality in front of their partners. And this psychological distractions actually causes them to take longer to get sufficiently aroused, and reach orgasm.

   So what do you do?

   Compliment and reassure her. Tell her how sexy, beautiful and hot she looks. How quickly she turns you on. How good she smells. How you can’t get her out of your mind. Make her feel good about herself and special, like she's the only woman in the world.

   Little by little, these "reassuring foreplay tips" will free her from her own insecurities, lower her sexual inhibitions and increase the emotional intimacy, sexual confidence and trust between you two.

   As you'll soon see, these "comforting foreplay tips" go a long way in helping her relax, which makes it more easier for her to reach a powerful orgasm.

6. Watch A Romantic Sex Movie

   This is one of the best foreplay tips to get your lover in the mood. I’m not talking about that hardcore porn that you are used to.
   Put on some soft porn or something sexy and romantic that she can enjoy and relate to. This gets her imagination running and tremendously increases her anticipation for sex.

   Watch it while both of you are lying on the couch, preferably naked. The trick is to subtly caress, tease and kiss her while the movie is going on. Not too much to distract her from the movie, just enough to arouse her and still let her concentrate on the clip.

   Let her watch the movie, but your focus should be more on her than the movie itself. If you see a move that you’d like to try on her, comment on it and gauge her reply. This will tell you whether she’s for the idea or not.

   Also watch her body language throughout the movie and observe which scenes get her excited and restless. Note what’s happening in those parts because those parts turn her on, meaning she would love that done to her too.

   These foreplay tips offers a wonderful way of letting her sexually fantasize in her mind, which offers the right mental stimulation that triples her desire to have sex with you.

7. Slowly Undress Her

   Hey hey hey. Go easy on this one. Undressing you partners clothes is part of foreplay too. So don't rip her clothes off. This will make her think that you just want sex and might put her off.

   Not only that, but do you really think she bought that expensive lingerie so that you can just toss it to the side in two seconds? I guess not. She wants to feel appreciated and sexy in them for a little bit longer, and maybe model for you a bit...Lingerie foreplay. (So don't forget to compliment her on how hot she looks in them too)

   So instead rushing her out of her clothes, slowly undress her in a sensuous way while caressing and kissing her as you go. Here are some "undressing foreplay tips" you may like...

   Slowly remove her hair bands and run your fingers through her hair while kissing her on the forehead and cheeks. Then sexily remove any chains or jewelry on her neck as you peck, kiss and massage her neck with your fingers tips.

   Kiss and playfully bite her ears and ear lobes, as you breathe heavily in her ears, which sends spasms of warm air into her ears. Then slowly move down her arms and back kissing her every chance you get.

   Masterfully unhook her bra like a pro. Most men have problems undoing bras, especially if you doing it when facing your chick. But with one hand, you can easily unhook the clasps. Remove her bra one arm at a time while kissing and licking her nipples, while caressing her other breast until she moans.
Note:- Women love it when you remove their bras effortlessly without asking for their help. But if you having difficulty getting them off, distract her by kissing or caressing her as you try to get it right.

   Her panties should be the last to go. Slowly kiss her all the way down, from her breast through her tummy to her knickers. Teasingly bite the end of her panties and pull them back with your teeth, then let go so that it slaps back at her.
   Kiss and lick her vagina through her panties and rub your fingers across her panties in a touch and go fashion. Then sexily pull her panties down with both hands while kissing her inner thighs as you go down.

   Trust me, undressing her in this caring and sexy manner not only intensifies her sexual anticipation and appetite, but it also shows her that you are damn good at what you do and she can't wait for what you'll do to her next. From now on, she's all yours for the taking.

8. Erotic Massage Before Sex

   Now that you have her fully naked, it’s time to give her that massage, you know, that one that takes her to the edges of sexual pleasures even before you penetrate her.
   Now is when you knead, stroke and tease every inch of your lover’s body until her body is tingling all over. How would you like to use the following massaging foreplay tips to first get her in to an erotic boil?

   Have her lie on her belly, with her back facing you. (When she’s not seeing you, it increases her sexual anticipation since she doesn’t know where and what you’ll do to her next.)

   Then start massaging and kissing her neck, (you can also playfully nibble on her earlobes while breathing deeply on her ears). Slowly go down and continue massaging her back, kissing her on every chance you get.

   When you get to her bum, sensually rub your hands over her bum, then massage the full length of her legs from her thighs to her ankles. Knead and massage her ankles and feet too.

   Then gently turn her over so that she lies on her back facing you, then start the routine all over again. Massaging and kissing her neck, down to her chest, where you massage and tease her breasts, whilst licking and sucking her nipples at every opportunity.

   Massage her tummy and then run your tongue the whole length of her tummy. Skip the genital area and start massaging her inner thighs. Run your hands close to her vagina then withdraw to her inner thighs again. This almost doubles her excitement and readiness.

   Go all the way down and end up at her ankles and feet, and massage them for a while. Don’t forget the toes. They need some TLC too. Subtly stretch them one by one and suck them like a lollipop (that’s if she’s clean enough).
Note:- Kissing and licking her during massage is a great way of breaking up the monotony of massage, and prevents her from falling asleep. Yes a nice backrub after a night out or a long day at work can easily put your baby to sleep.

   As you'll soon see, these erotic massaging foreplay tips will make your lover open up sexually, get her in the mood for sex immediately and put her in so much heat that she'll threaten you to make love to her ASAP.

9. Foreplay Kissing

   Kissing is a very important part of foreplay. It’s usually the first thing you do when you start making out, almost instinctively.

   Giving her long, deep and slow kisses, while writhing your tongue in and out of her mouth ,(down her throat), is a sure way of making her wet her pants instantaneously.

   Kissing shouldn’t be restricted to the mouth alone, neck kissing, especially from the back, is an instant turn on that sends shivers down her spine, because her neck is more sensitive than yours.

   Just don't stop there, kiss every part of her body... her boobs, her forehead, cheeks, tummy, bum, thighs... everywhere you can think off, while varying your kisses from pecks to open mouthed kisses.

   All these kissing foreplay tips create intimacy, trust and emotional closeness, which makes a woman let go of herself and relax well enough to easily reach orgasm.

10. Whole Body Sensuality

   You see, besides a woman's breasts and genitals, a woman is incredibly blessed with many erogenous areas on her body. Like the nape of her neck, her ear lobes, behind her ears, the underside of her arms, the sides of her torso, just below her boobs, her lower back, and inner thighs.

   These are all great places where you can give tender loving touches, kisses and caresses during foreplay, and get a her incredibly turned on and emotionally-charged and ready for sex. But don’t stop there.
   The most sensational form of lovemaking involves arousal from head to toe. This means appreciating how each and every inch on her body - and not just her boobs and genitals - can give her pleasure. ( Compliment her as you go along, like... "Baby I love the way your fleshy firm boobs feel" )

   This also makes your lover feel desired by you; because you are adoring and loving every inch of her body, and not the obvious hot spots like everyone else. This sets you miles apart from other men.

   Focus on her whole body and you will essentially help to reduce her threshold for an orgasm - which is great if you are a premature ejaculator!

11. Back Off Technique

   You see nothing turns a woman on more than purposeful, playful teasing her in the run up to intercourse. If you use the following teasing foreplay tips on her the right way, she will be so charged up and ready for sex, that when you begin penetration, she can literally orgasm right away.

   But What Are The Right Foreplay Tips Way To Tease A Woman Sexually?

   I use this method called "Strategic Backing Off". Some call it the "Bedrock" Of Female Sexual Fulfillment. It is like foreplay, but much more effective than that. And it works like this...

   Start off by touching and caressing her favorite non-genital areas, such as her neck, tummy, or even the underside of her arms. As she gets aroused, move close to their breasts and genitals. Make her anticipate your movements and then pull away. Ironically by holding back, you will send her sexual charges soaring.

   Form foreplay to lovemaking. And you can apply this basic approach to intercourse too. Try some slow foreplay here by taking your time before you penetrate her. Tease her with the tip of your penis around her clitoris. Bring it close to penetration and then pull away. Learn to restrain yourself this way. This playful "bed play" is enough to drive most women crazy with erotic anticipation. Soon enough, she will beg you for it.

   Continue to tease her during penetration, varying between shallow and deep penetration (which also helps you last longer as this reduces penile stimulation). If you do this right, you can induce a sizzling orgasm from her within a minute of penetrative sex.

   This is one of the foreplay tips that's really about understanding the sexual psyche of women. It gives the "competitive advantage" to guys who think they cannot last long enough to fulfill their women.
   Truth be told... the orgasms she will get from all these teasing foreplay tips will be nothing short of mind-blowing! And the confidence you gain from her utter sexual fulfillment will be literally unstoppable!

12. DON'T Fake It

   Some men might have gotten wind that women love foreplay. But since they find it tedious, boring and unnecessary, most men tend to go through the motions or go along with foreplay just to get to the sex part.
   Wrong move.
   Your woman will see right through you and feel that you are putting up an act. This makes her feel cheated, and makes you look insensitive and selfish, to say the least. And these feelings makes her take even longer to get sexually stimulated, and reach climax.

   Be REAL. Love and enjoy what you are doing to her, and she’ll pick up this genuine and sincere sexual vibe and reciprocate by climaxing before you do.

13. Clitoral Stimulation

   To put it plainly. This One of the most effective of all foreplay tips, and with good reason. The clitoris is the epicentre of sexual arousal. It’s the bull’s eye of your lover’s vagina. Mother Nature made the clitoris for only ONE purpose - for women to enjoy orgasms. Otherwise how would you explain the fact that the clitoris has at least 8000 sensitive nerve endings that are specifically and specially designed to invoke intense sexual pleasure on arousal!

   My friend. This little bean like feature, above the opening of a woman’s urethra, is what you should be concentrating on before sex, because when properly stimulated, it can trigger the most powerful and mind blowing orgasms she’s ever experienced. She’ll thank you for it. I have seen my girlfriend tremble for 5 minutes straight

   But sorry to tell you this, your penis is the worst tool to stimulate the clitoris. It literally misses her clitoris for longer periods of sex. If you want to properly stimulate your lovers’ clitoris during foreplay, you got to use oral sex or fingering techniques.

   And women know that, that's why 80% of them prefer oral foreplay and fingering techniques than intercourse, because these foreplay techniques hit their pleasure spot all the time, and give them exceptionally powerful and unforgettable orgasms.

   Honestly, if you are serious about giving your lover the kind of intense levels of pleasures that she's been silently yearning for, then this is a MUST DO.

14. Master Her G- Spot

   Apart from the clitoris, there's another elusive pleasure spot that's well hidden inside a woman's vagina. It's called the G-Spot.

   Unlike clitoral orgasms which tend to be confined to her genital area only, G Spot orgasms are more intense and powerful, and encapsulate her whole body. And in some cases it's known to cause the proverbial female ejaculation, famously known as squirting or squirt orgasm.

   But unless you are blessed with a lizard like tongue, the G-spot is virtually unreachable through cunnilingus,( unless you risk suffocating.) So your best weapon of choice becomes your fingers. In fact, you can use your NAUGHTY fingers to stimulate both her G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously, and double her pleasure. I'll show you how in a bit.

   Key take a way:- The G Spot can be highly pleasurable part of the female body if it is stimulated in the right way. And once you master G Spot Arousal, you'll be able to give her orgasms that are so powerful, she might not be able to walk afterwards. Be careful with this , she might not come back from this one.

Quality Over Quantity

   Like many things in life, quality matters more than quantity. And most women value how you bring them to an orgasm, rather the end climax itself.
   Simple foreplay moves acts such as kissing, cuddling, oral sex or seductive talk, which men find unnecessary and a tad bit boring, can give women a pleasurable experience and prime them for an orgasm of epic proportions. With women, it's the little things you do that counts.

   Give your woman what she wants first.

   Understand her sexual preferences first. If she loves plenty of Kissing, give her that!. If she loves oral sex, being fingered, dirty talk, lot's of teasing or whatever it is she likes... Give her that. Because every woman knows best what things get her highly aroused and stimulated.
   And when you do move into intercourse stage, she will be so turned on that getting her to achieve an orgasm will be much easier and faster.

   These foreplay secrets will finally give her a sexual "high" that was previously missing in her previous relationships, and make it easier for her to achieve those powerful hard orgasms that leave her whole body shaking uncontrollably from pure pleasure.

   And that's what she wants. Not hours of thrusting in and out of her. That's does more good to your ego, than her sexual satisfaction.

Remember, the key is to be able to give your woman an orgasm FIRST.

   And once this happens, you'll gain a tremendous amount of confidence, and believe me, this WILL naturally have an amazing effect on your ability to last much longer!

P.S. When Never ignore the build up. No matter how long you last in bed, there is no way you can pleasure your woman without the right foreplay tips. And since the number one complaint from women is that men don't give them enough foreplay, you should take this seriously.

These foreplay tips are crucial to sexual enjoyment, especially if you are suffering from premature ejaculation. Because prolonging your foreplay can have an incredible impact on how long you last, and ultimately how much both of you will enjoy lovemaking, not to mention that it'll spice up your sex life.

The logic is simple, the longer the foreplay, the faster your lover reaches climax, and the less Emphasis there is on your ability to last longer in bed. And these simple foreplay tips are guaranteed to make your woman experience toe curling pleasure in bed, that leads to earth shattering orgasms, every time you make love.

So why not have a go at it? These foreplay tips will work wonders for YOU too!

" I Would Pour You A Glass Of Wine, But Wouldn't It Be More Romantic If You Sipped It Out Of My Armpit?
~ Jarod Kintz ~

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500 Sex TIPS & Secrets.

Finally, a book of lovemaking tips that isn't raunchy or crude. That's why it's been a huge seller since it was launched in late 2003. And if you have a strong christian values, you'll absolutely love it as there aren't any other books on the subject written with Christian morals and values in mind. Let's just say you'll still go to heaven after reading this book...
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100 Great Sex Games.

Extensive research has shown that the intensity and pleasure of orgasms directly correlates with the length and kind of foreplay. And this eBook here provides fantastic ideas for games that will give you sizzling passion and earth shattering orgasms that you've never experienced before. NEVER be stuck for lovemaking ideas Again!... Smiley face
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AMAZING Hand Jobs.

Here's a NEW fact for you. In a survey of 100,000 men, 82% said they would prefer a great hand job over a good blow job. Based on that survey, Michael Webb unlocks all the secret tips and techniques women need to give heavenly hand jobs that will make their men addicted and beg for their touch. You Won't Find This Information Anywhere Else!...
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Can ordinary, plain, poor guys attract hot, gorgeous women?  Absolutely!  While men are much more visual, women are emotional. Inside you'll learn what to say and how to say it that will touch the core of just about ANY woman out there and have her wanting more and more of you. Isn't that what you want?
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500 Intimate Questions.

Look here. Regardless of whether you desire deeper intimacy or hot steamy sex with your lover, these 500 intimate questions are guaranteed to spark passionate conversations that will bring you BOTH. See for yourself... Check Out This 500 Intimate Questions

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300 Creative Date Ideas.

Have you ever had a dull date? (who hasn't?). Not anymore though. This eBook features nearly 6 years worth of creative but cheap date nights, tips on first dates and guaranteed ways of asking someone out for a date too. No more excuses. Impress your date tonight...
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What you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about the person you are with. And as a bonus This eBook also comes with a FREE 300 Days of Questions e-course. Your communication problems SOLVED.
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101 Proposal Ideas

"Will You Marry Me?". The most popular collection of the very best marriage proposal ideas. Over 100 winning stories - photographs included. Get a guaranteed "YES, I Do"
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There are a lot of books on the market that will tell you how to have a good marriage but not many that will share with you the secrets of GREAT marriages. You could Google and confirm, Or you could download this eBook and enjoy a relationship that feels like a honeymoon that never ends...
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3 Simple Steps of getting your man back. Michael Webb's proven strategies for getting your man back, even if you have been apart for years. Look around, the field is crowded with "Get My Ex Back" eBooks but Michael Webb is the only recognized relationship expert who has written on this topic. Trust me, it'll be like he never left...
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Sex All Around The House.

Your house is a sex shop. Do you know that you don't have to visit a sex shop or even buy sex toys online to put some zest into your love nest? That's true. There are literally over 150 different sex toys already strewn around your house. You just need to know where to look and perhaps a little hint on what to do with it. Click the link below to find out...
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