POWERFUL Breathing Exercises to Last Longer In Bed That Most Men Never Try... (But You Really Should)

Here's How You Enjoy HOURS of Breath Taking Sexual Pleasures All Night....
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Breathing RIGHT

" Learn The Best Breathing Exercises To Last Longer In Bed (These Are Embarrassingly Easy) & Discover How Breathing Is Complexly Linked To Your Sexual Stamina, and Ultimately, Your Performance In Bed "

Hi There,

   Talking from first-hand experience, I’d be the first to agree with you that coping with premature ejaculation isn’t the easiest thing to do. And facts show that you and I aren’t alone in this.
   To be precise, over 70% of all men want to last longer in bed. You can easily see why this makes it one of the most common sexual desires that men in every continent and culture are secretly wishing for.

   But what if I told you that developing superior sexual stamina is simply a matter of adopting the right breathing techniques for premature ejaculation? Would you be interested? I bet you would.
   And Yes. It’s true. Almost 90% of early ejaculation can be controlled just using the right premature ejaculation breathing exercises.

   Let me explain to you further?

   You see most men experience premature ejaculation because their orgasmic tensions peak too soon. They are just unable to handle the sudden rise in sexual tensions, and end up giving in without a fight.
   But it's been proven that by using the correct breathing exercises to last longer in bed during sex, you can relax your mind and body and postpone your ejaculation without fail. But…

   There's a thin line between proper & improper breathing

   Unfortunately, the reverse is also true in most cases. If you can’t or do not manage how you breathe during sex, your arousal levels can easily spiral out of control and bring about a rapid ejaculation. So take heed.

   So what exactly is proper breathing?

   To be honest, most men have no clue. Most simply assume that "deep breathing" is all they need to do. But surprisingly, proper breathing exercises to last longer in bed DOESN'T involve any special breathing techniques for premature ejaculation. Not at ALL. They are simple BUT trusted breathing exercises for premature ejaculation that even adult movie actors use to last forever during the sets.

   But as you’ll soon discover, you should start these breathing exercises to last longer in bed the moment you begin sex. Why? Because you can only control your breathing and orgasmic tension up to a certain level. Beyond that stage, there is nothing you can do to prevent an early ejaculation.
   And that’s why it’s very important for you to start using these breathing exercises to last longer in bed before you have intercourse - during foreplay. So let me show you my favorite how to last longer in bed breathing techniques that never fails...

Preparatory Breathing

   As the name suggests, this last longer in bed breathing exercises prepares you for the sex that is going to happen. There’s a simple preparatory premature ejaculation breathing technique you can use to last longer in bed. It works well for me and once you master this, you could achieve almost unlimited stamina without fail.
   Remember, the best time to start off this preparatory breathing exercises to last longer in bed is before you engage in intercourse, during foreplay, so that your breathing will fall into a naturally deep pattern during sex. I can't stress this enough

Easy Steps To Preparatory Breathing
" These Breathing Exercises To Last Longer In Bed Target Your Lower Body "

      STEP 1 - At the Onset: – Start by inhaling slowly but deeply for 5 seconds; hold your breath for 2 seconds and exhale for another 5 seconds. Then repeat this 10 times. This helps relax your mind and wipes out any sexual performance anxiety -- (which by the way is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation).
   Please note:- As much as possible, make sure this isn’t obvious to your partner. ( you don't want your lover to think you’re having a fit or an asthmatic attack, now do you?)

      STEP 2 - Continue with It: – As you carry on, make sure that your lower body (belly and lower ribs), and not your chest or shoulders, are moving out every time you take deep breaths.

   There’s a reason for this.

   You see, breathing from your belly fills your lungs with air and pushes oxygen to the rest of your body. As a result, this helps calm your mind and soothes any form of performance anxiety which is responsible for most cases of an early ejaculation.

      STEP 3 - Put It In Words: – Every time you feel like you are slipping away, say these words to yourself: 'in... out'. Repeat it and breathe in coordination until you feel yourself gaining back control. Please try it, it may sound kindergarten like, but it really works in getting you back on the groove

      STEP 4 - Repeat: – Do the above breathing exercises to last longer in bed every time you are getting ready for sex. And I promise you'll see how it helps you calm your sexual nerves each time your partner caresses you, seduces you or even just undresses in front of you. ( You’ll be like, is that all you got?)

OK.You've Done Preparatory Breathing,
What Happens When You Hit The Sack?

~ The Moment of Truth ~

   Now here's the fun part. Once you are through with preparatory breathing exercises to last longer in bed, you still have to control your breathing in a similar way during intercourse. But never to worry, here’s…

   A Simple Breathing Process That You Can FOLLOW During Sex

      #1 - BREATHE DEEPLY : – Just as in preparatory breathing, the correct technique involves expanding your diaphragm together with your lower ribs. DO NOT focus on your upper chest.
   Hint: Your belly should come before your chest and your shoulders shouldn't accompany the breathing movements. This is done by pulling your breath in and push you stomach and lower ribs out… And concentrate on not sucking your stomach in like most people do.

   Unknowingly, Many guys breathe through their chest and then wonder where they went wrong when they are unable to hold their ejaculation. Don’t make the same mistake. When you breathe through the chest, you just become more constricted and jerky. And that's not good for your sexual stamina.

      #2 - WATCH OUT : – Every few seconds, evaluate the stage of excitement you are at. When you begin to make love, your breathing will start off slowly, and gather momentum as you become more aroused. Pay attention to how fast your breathing and heart rate escalates as your arousal surges.

   The moment you feel that your excitement is peaking too fast, SLOW DOWN. Breathe deeply for 10 to 15 seconds and practice conscious relaxation. This helps you stay in tune with your entire body instead of focusing on the pleasurable sensations in your penis. Another tip is try relaxing your abdominal and buttock muscles and feel the tensions fade away.

      #3 - CONTROL YOUR PENIS : – This is important. Concentrate on the feelings around your penis glans. Is there a build-up of tensions? Are you sexually excited, to a point you are hyperventilating? If so, here’s where your breathing can help you relax. Take shallow breaths this time. Inhale for about 2 seconds and exhale for around 4 seconds. In no time, this will slow you down and reduce the sexual tension to a manageable level.

      #4 - DON'T FORCE IT : – It's very natural for your body to want to return to a natural pattern of breathing after you have done the above for some time. Don't force it. Once in a while, abandon these breathing exercises to last longer in bed and allow your breathing to become normal for a while.

      #5 - RINSE & REPEAT : – Once your initial excitement has been effectively controlled, you'll have added at least a couple of minutes to sex... then do it again.

Is It Possible To Control
Your Breathing During Sex ?
" In Short, Can You Do The Above? "

   Well, some guys think that regulating breathing during sex is next to impossible. They think that the better alternative is to bear the arousal for some time and then exert your mind to stop the final ejaculation. Honestly, has that ever worked for you? Frankly, mind control is ineffective in controlling premature ejaculation. So if that's your approach, you might as well do nothing!

   Don’t be cheated. The best way to tackle premature ejaculation is to remain calm and focused when it matters most. And the breathing exercises to last longer in bed illustrated above can help you do just that! Don’t believe me? Just try it over the next few days and feel the amazing difference in your lasting power in bed!

Important Breathing TIPS When Practicing For Sexual Endurance
" Without Them, You're Screwed "

      Tip #1 - Breathe Slowly: – This is the most important point you need to remember when you are trying to tackle premature ejaculation. Taking in shallow, quick breaths, coupled by an increased heart rate is a surefire way to cut short your time during intercourse.
   Simply because rapid breathing tends to excite the body and arouses you too fast. If you want to last longer, keep your breathing slow and controlled (and breathe through the nose instead of the mouth. The nose is for breathing, the mouth for eating). Any time you feel the excitement rising and your breath quickening, slow down.

      Tip #2 - All about Synchronized Breathing: – This is a little more challenging and may be uncharacteristic at first. But once mastered, it can secure excellent results for you. Here’s the trick...

   Consciously breathe in during penetration, and breathe out during withdrawal (not many men know this, but it works like magic! and certainly a simple one to try out tonight!) NOTE:- Practice this as a general guideline, because it is almost impossible to implement it at every stroke.

      Tip #3 - Take Normal Breaths: – Once you pull it off, breath synchronization works very well. But in a high excitement situation, you’ll have to intermix controlled breathing with normal breaths every once in a while. Preferably, you should do these at least every half a minute.
   Give your breath the time it needs. This will help you relax and enjoy the whole process too. Otherwise, you will just end up depriving yourself of oxygen... and suffocate on the job... Hehee, am just kidding. But it's important to mix it up from time to time.

      Tip #4 - The Right Pattern: – Check yourself before you wreck yourself. When performing these breathing exercises to last longer in bed, are your shoulders moving when you breathe? Are your chest muscles moving before your stomach muscles as you breathe? If so, you are doing it wrong. Try and slow down and get the right rhythm going.

   Remember, these coordinated movements come with practice and will not happen in a day. If you want your premature ejaculation breathing exercises to be effective, you simply have to practice it.

      Tip #5 - Take A Breather: – Honestly, You need to give your body an occasional breather if you are ever to get it right. Ideally,every half a minute, take a deep breath and hold it for about 4 seconds.
   Remember, this breath should be really deep, so that you don't deprive yourself of oxygen at the vital moments!

      Tip #6 - Distract yourself: – Every once in a while, when doing these last longer in bed breathing exercises, distract your mind away from the pleasures on your penis.
   You do so by focusing on other pleasure areas - for instance, the waves of excitement coursing through your tummy, your shoulders or even the chest muscles. This is a great way to keep your arousal under control.

   KEY TAKE AWAY:- You should practice these breathing exercises to last longer in bed until you are comfortable with it. You may falter initially. That is okay! After all, when it comes to fixing premature ejaculation, you should not expect a quick fix but a permanent solution.

   So give it time. And with enough practice, you'll be surprised how you can easily keep premature ejaculation under control and enjoy longer lasting orgasms… even outlasting what most guys can master in ten lovemaking sessions combined!
And it's as simple as taking a breath!



   To wrap it all up in one breath... premature ejaculation occurs primarily because of a heightening of tensions that can't be controlled by man. But now you can. These breathing exercises to last longer in bed I just shared with you are known to help you slow down the build-up of sexual tension in your body… allowing you to give any woman the most breath-taking orgasm she’s ever experienced....
   Lets' just say that by controlling your breathing during sex, you'll literally take her breath away in bed.

   Now that's not a bad thing...Right?


P.S. Shhh Here's a Secret. Many tantric masters teach these exact breathing exercises to last longer in bed to literally help couples prolong lovemaking for hours on end! Why? Simply because they WORK. So why Not YOU?

Once you use these breathing exercises to last longer in bed for a couple of times, you'll realize that they help you to "stay in the moment" until you hit your lovers sweet-spot long enough to give her an exceptionally powerful and unforgettable orgasm, that'll leave her in an orgasmic bliss for a while.

"You've Got To Keep Breathing.
It'll Be your Worst (& Last) Mistake If You Don't. "

~ Steve Martin ~

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