Amazing TIPS To Avoid Premature Ejaculation That I'd Like To Give To YOU
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How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation By Using Simple But
Effective Ways To "Dodge" Its Causes Before It's Too Late

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   When it comes to ways to avoid early ejaculation, you can never get enough myths and misconceptions about methods and techniques that work and those that don't.
   And to prove yourself right, just do a quick search on the web. You’ll be surprised and confused at the same time, by some of the options that claim to work.

   But any expert will agree that the most realistic approach you can take to avoid premature ejaculation is to look at its causes, and see how to STAY AWAY or STEER CLEAR of them. Don’t you agree?

   So let’s quickly jump right into that..

How Do You Avoid Premature Ejaculation?

   Lets take a look at all the things you should avoid...

   1.   Performance Anxiety:- There’s a saying that goes “You become what you think about”. And this can’t be more true than when it comes to sex.
   The truth of the matter is, if you’re always anxious about whether you are going to last long enough to satisfy your woman in bed, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. It is a self-fulfilling cycle. The more you think about your early ejaculation, the more likely you’ll end up finishing too soon in bed.

   I can actually hear you asking " How do I avoid premature ejaculation in this case? "

   The only thing you can do to reduce your performance anxiety levels to near zero, and avoid premature ejaculation, is to keep your thoughts under control.

   And how do you do that?

   By effortlessly learning how to master your mind and completely wipe out any sexual or performance anxiety. With nothing left to distract your mind from the job at hand, (sexually fulfilling your woman) you’ll finally enjoy relaxed and carefree sex that lasts as long as you want... leaving your woman fully satisfied.

   2.  Stress:- Have you ever tried doing anything while stressed? How did that go? I bet it didn’t go that well. You probably made a mess of it, right?
   Now can you imagine trying to have sex while stressed? You can already see how that will end, in disappointment. And that’s my point exactly. As far as your premature ejaculation is concerned, stress can be your number one enemy.

   Regardless of its source, stress can wreak havoc in your body.
   “How?” you ask.
   How about it increases your blood pressure and causes a rush of adrenaline - leading to a sudden rise in sexual stimulation, before you and your partner have even had a chance to fully enjoy it.

   So how do you avoid premature ejaculation in this case?

   Whenever you feel tensed or stressed out, try and make deliberate efforts to relax by taking deep, pensive breaths until you feel the tension fade away.
   Or better still, you can avoid premature ejaculation by learning how to instill calmness in both your mind and body with these simple relaxation techniques. With enough practice, you'll naturally experience a great reduction in your stress levels – adding precious minutes to your lovemaking.

   3.   Wrong Masturbation Habits:- Beware! Masturbation can be a double edged sword. Why? Well, it all depends on how you do it.
   The correct self-stimulation techniques can be your greatest ally in avoiding premature ejaculation and boosting your sexual endurance, but the wrong ones can make your premature ejaculation even worse. Let me explain further…

   The logic is simple, if you are used to "jerking off" quickly whenever you are pleasing yourself, your body becomes used to quick and pathetic orgasms. Overtime, your body accepts this as your preferred way of reaching orgasm.
   And since you’re a creature of habit, you’ll definitely respond in the same way when having sex, as you would when masturbating, which is ejaculate quickly. So take notice!

   As mentioned earlier, masturbation cuts both ways. This means you can still learn how to use "self-gratification" to avoid premature ejaculation and last longer in bed during intercourse ...There's a RIGHT way and a WRONG way... I'll show you the right way.

   4.   Super-Sensitivity:- You’ve probably heard or know of numbing sprays, creams and condoms which help lessen the amount of sensation you experience during sexual intercourse, and help you last longer.

   But in all honesty, these solutions are not ideal for obvious reasons. Why? It’s a known fact that they considerably reduce the amount of sexual pleasure and enjoyment you feel during sex.
   I mean, why have sex at all if you can’t really enjoy it? You know what I mean. If not, just ask yourself this question. If it weren’t for STDs or fear of pregnancies, would you prefer using condoms when having sex? And why wouldn’t you? Get my point…Cool.

   Lucky for you, you can learn a better and more permanent way of tolerating excess penile stimulation, no matter how intense they are, and avoid premature ejaculation all together. What happens is that your body becomes better conditioned to “weather the storm” and stay below the “point of no return” for as long as possible.

   And do you know what the best part is? You can actually achieve this very easily and without the embarrassment of having to apply desensitizing/numbing creams or put on extra condoms. Now how would you love that?

   5.   Unhealthy Lifestyle:- Pay close attention! If you live on junk food and do little or no exercises, then you are in grave danger of developing premature ejaculation. “Really?” Yeah, that’s true.

   Here’s the bottom-line. The fast foods you are used to eating are packed with fats that are not easily absorbed and converted to energy by your body’s metabolism.

   So what happens?

   With nowhere to go, they tend to clog blood vessels and vital organs, which restricts blood circulation and the distribution of nutrients and energy across your body. Add that to the fact that you are not keen on body fitness, and that basically leaves you with no strength to go the distance in bed.

   So how can any male avoid premature ejaculation?

   In this case, you can avoid premature ejaculation by simply leading a HEALTHY lifestyle. Remember, you’ll need all the power you can get, for you to keep up with your woman in bed and fully satisfy her.
   And what better way to build up your energy reserves than by eating right and exercising regularly?

   6.   Excess Mind Stimulation:- Truth be told, your mind controls your body, and not the other way around. So if you come too early in bed, it’s because you allow your body to control your brains.
   By unknowingly letting your sexual stimulation overwhelm your body and mind to a point you can’t consciously stop an impending orgasm, regardless of how hard you try to mentally distract yourself.

   Your mind is a very powerful and creative organ. If excessively stimulated, it absorbs and processes sexual signals it receives from all your five senses (touch, smell, sight, feel and taste) and forms a very real, detailed and compelling sexual vision that can steamroll your sexual emotions and leave you ejaculating in its wake.

   Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself this. Why do you think you wet yourself so easily when you are checking out boobs and asses in a porn magazine, or watching a porn movie instead, or when you get a glimpse of the thighs of that girl sitting next to you in the bus, wearing a miniskirt? Do you see what I mean?

   Based on this fact, you’ll agree with me that keeping your mental stimulation in check during sex is extremely significant in your war against premature ejaculation. Don’t you think?

   So to avoid premature ejaculation, you’ll learn how to restrain your mind from being exceedingly stimulated and prevent you from "COMING" when you are "ON THE EDGE"... AND do so without having to "STOP THE ACTION". This tip can literally save your relationship.

   7.   Negative Thoughts:- Rare thinking people like you already know that your mind is everything. What you think, you become.
   So going into a sexual encounter filled with undesirable thoughts such as, “I’m no good, I'm an absolute failure in bed" or "Am not worthy of her”, can only result in one thing, that is the embarrassment of finishing too soon.

   To be honest, with such a negative mindset, you are doomed from the word go. Constant negative thoughts have already programmed your mind for failure even before you try. So the result only confirms what you already know will happen, and that is you'll ejaculate quickly.
   Let’s not mince words about it, but the cold hard fact is that this failure mind loop is very hard to break away from, and if you don’t do something about it, you’ll be in premature captivity forever. It’s just as simple as that.

   So are you doomed? Like I said, only if you don’t take action. And here’s how you can jump-start your quest for a having positive mindset by learning how to banish negative thoughts from your mind and completely change your perspective about premature ejaculation.
   And you do know what the best thing is? Your Woman will see a new and improved, self-confident you.

   8.   Getting Emotionally-Charged:- Being angry or emotionally charged is a sex disaster in the making. Face it; When you're mad, you are in no shape or form of being in control of your ejaculatory system. Why?

   Think about it. You are like a raging angry bull. Clearly, your energies are not focused on what you are supposed to be doing right now, which is having sex. And your mind is filled with negative feelings, which cut off communication between you and your partner that is so important during sexual intercourse.
   What's more, the rush of blood will make you lose power over your ejaculation responses very fast; sometimes within seconds. Need I tell you more?

   Here at premature ejaculation clinic, you’ll discover how to avoid premature ejaculation by developing an iron-clad mindset that can withstand any emotions and always be mentally ready, so that you don't cum too early and disappoint her again. How’s that for someone who was an emotional wreck just a few minutes ago?

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

   I can't stress that enough. So for starters, pick any of these tips to avoid premature ejaculation that you think are best suited for your case, and implement them tonight.

   You'll be surprised how these seemingly simple techniques can do wonders to your sexual stamina... bringing you ever more closer to your dream of becoming that amazing lover that always keeps her woman sexually satisfied. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There's more...   

   If you're like me, you'll probably want to check out the complete guide with step-by-step strategies and techniques to avoid premature ejaculation, that re-train and re-wire your mind and body so that you can have longer-lasting sex, and at the same time, give your partner a pleasurable experience she never thought was possible.

   Lets just say that this is the holy grail of sexual pleasure. The question is, will you let this ultimate find slip through your fingers or will you grab it with both hands?

P.S. Are you going to wait for the inevitable… or are you going to “Nip Premature ejaculation in the bud” before it adds you to its extensive list of casualties? Though these tips to avoid premature ejaculation can’t be mastered right away, they’re well worth doing and practicing. With some little discipline and a willingness to make things happen, you‘ll prevent premature ejaculation and last as long you want during sex. … And your woman will certainly thank you for it, when you are able to last long enough in bed to give her that much deserved orgasm (or two)!

" It's Best to Avoid The Beginnings Of Evil. "
~ Henry Davis Thoreau ~

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